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It rained a little bit at night and there was a sense of freshness in the house. I went out anxiously and plunged into the morning. Fresh air, and it was so thick, you could "even spread it on bread". The aromas of flowers, the smell of grass, dew. I could breath, and couldn't inhale enough. Everything around called and beckoned. 

And, of course, I went for a walk, near the pen with hens, there the cockerel cheerfully announced the space - morning came, morning came! Further, I walked past the young alder wood to visit the nightingale - he was singing something familiar for me. Nearby the were beehives, I looked into the holes, and saw how the bees were looking forward to the warm sunshine and fussing about the frames. Then I went past blooming currant bushes. White beauties of cherry, plum. Blooming apple trees. 

I greeted my grandmother's oak tree and apple-tree, and other trees of the tribal forest and looked up my maple. I thought about something good. I went out into the clearing, took my shoes off and went barefoot. Dew was so abundant, so it was feeling like you float in the grass. I met a big bumblebee, which so deeply climbed into the bell that it was not visible, you can hear only one buzz. 

It was morning. The evening is completely different. Appeasement, peace, and one nightingale continues to hum about something. 

No matter where a man is, Nature is always happy for us, always responding to communication. Come back to nature more often. Live in Nature! 

Create your own space. 
May you be joyful and you will be happy.

Alexey Lyakhov

Kin Domain Settlement Emelyanovka, Ukraine

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