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A child's eyes. So, probably, God himself looks to ...

Deep and clean eyes explicitly look at me. It's a devotional look. Kind smile. Pose. Everything speaks of complete and unconditional trust. You look into the most beautiful eyes in the world, and you see a happiness and complete openness to the world in them. And you have even brighter and stronger feelings inflame.

And the voice echoes loudly in the universe. And there is nothing better in the world than this sincere smile and clean eyes!

I couldn't describe all the feelings and delight when my daughter looks at me so sincerely and trustingly. I can not look away. I'm afraid to miss the smallest detail. To miss the slight movement of the eyes, and a thought with them. It is impossible to see happiness without a smile!

Can you imagine what happens to me when she smiles at me? I am just thrilled and ready to give her everything in the world!

I remember her first conscious eye-to-eye look. She was a month. She laid in my arms and drove her eyes around. And I quietly watched. Suddenly she looked at me, straight in my eyes. Maybe only a couple of seconds had passed, I felt over the moon at that time ... A clean, open to knowledge gaze. It was feeling that the Creator Himself was looking at me at that moment ... This was the first conscious contact of our Souls. I was elated, but she turned her eyes and continued to explore this wonderful world, full of secrets and new discoveries. Rejoicing quietly, I went on to show her the living nature of our kin domain, the space where everything loves her immensely.

In the process of creating this paradise, Christina and I tried to fill it with Love. Each tree was planted together with good thoughts and feelings so that our children would be calm and comfortable, as in the bosom of the Mother! And now, when I see how Zaryanka grows and develops, how she smiles at the leaves of birch trees, how she enjoys breeze, I can say with absolute certainty that this space is ALIVE! Love lives here. And here we live with Christina. And now, we live with our daughter Zaryana, with kind happy eyes.

Oh, I do want to keep this devotional gaze and unlimited trust! How can I safe this trust of little Goddess?

Alexander Stepanov

Source - Happy Life in kin domain

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