Natalia Khramova. Microclimate in the settlement 19.03.2019 12:39:22

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The microclimate in the settlement depends on each family living there. And it is uncertain like weather. But unlike the weather, we create the microclimate ourselves. Although someone might say that the weather can also be affected. 

How to improve the mental weather and take steps towards the shared vision? 

I will tell you about the most simple and, perhaps, the most effective ways. 

- Joint activities, and in other words, any work for the benefit of the settlement, the earth and the universe. 

- Joint holidays - and joint preparation is more important here than the holiday itself. 

- Evening gatherings around the campfire, with songs. We can form a common thought-image of the settlement all together at such moments. Inspirational collective thought works "with a bang." It tested many times. 

- Joint events: poetic evenings, a trip to an animal shelter, watching and discussing films, etc. 

But the most important thing is to see the meaning in it, to want to take steps towards others and just start doing it. Most often, some difficulties can be faced at this first stage. Employment, family matters, resentments can impede people to make tiny steps towards each other. 

But what could be easier? 
Just make a move and remember that "He who climbs the mountain will master the road". 

Natalya Khramova

Kin domain Settlement "Solnechnoe" (Sunny), Samara region

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