Christina Stepanova. Dreams tend to come true! 21.03.2019 13:37:46

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We all love to dream. Often we even live in our vivid fantasies and rejoice in our future achievements. But few of us truly believe their dreams will come true. No, of course, we believe that small dreams, more real and close can be embodied. But very often we do not believe in real and cherished dreams, we do not believe that they ever will come true. Usually we think that they are unreal. Or we simply do not allow ourselves to believe in them. We fear them and persuade ourselves that they are not real. And that's the main catch. And as long as this does not change the dreams will remain dreams. But we must so dream of the great, the great and the most cherished! And most importantly, we need to believe in their reality. Otherwise it will be very difficult for them to come true.

So I used to dream about something big and bright, about a good husband, about my kin domain, and about our joint life in our space and to create. All this was so far away and unreal to me at that time. And then, when we already moved to our domain, I thought it was unreal to have a pond in our conditions. After all, it was difficult and expensive to dig. And it was not clear when such an opportunity will appear. Of course, I dreamed about it, but I had feelings that it was not here and not now. In some other world - it was in the future.

It was that way with the house. To build a big house, to do everything you want inside, to build a greenhouse ... Oh, it's so expensive! It was not clear when it will be. Probably in some other world. No, I believe it will be. But not now. Someday.

And it was that way with everything. You believe, but in reality you can not imagine. Usually you have thoughts that do not allow your dreams to soar and to come true.

Now my thoughts have changed. I try to dream whatever I want. And now I have easy way of thinking. And I began to receive everything that I dreamed of.

I BELIEVE. I believe that all this will be and even already exists. I imagine all my dreams in detail and feel them. I feel that they are already close. All I need is to open the door and they will burst into my life.

While my dreams slowly come true, I enjoy the process of their materialization. I do not stand still, I am learning, I am preparing for them, and I am changing to the best, to meet my dreams prepared.

Do you believe in your dreams?
Are you ready for their realization in your life?
What are you dreaming about?

Kristina Stepanova
Stepanovs’ Kind Domain
Kin Domain Settlement Emelyanovka, Ukraine

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