Olga Lyakhova. Bees' life in our kin domain 26.03.2019 14:38:11

Ольга Ляхова. Жизнь пчёл в нашем Родовом Поместье (1).jpg

Our family loves delicious and healthy honey.

In winter, Lesha studied a lot of information about bee life. In the early spring of 2011, we got our first inhabitants, helpers - bees. No one of our neighbors had a bee, thus it became a significant event for all of us at that time.

We decided to start the life of bees in our kin domain with the three beehives, along with the bee colonies. At the night Alyosha went to take bees from neighbor region. He loaded one hive into a car, and two on the trunk and the bees went on their journey. The car drove slowly, swaying abruptly at every turn due to a lot of weight on the roof, and this made bees in the cabin responded with an alarming roar on each pit. There were installed nets instead of some planks, to make ventilation for bees. And bees breathed through these nets. And the smell of honey and nectar filled the car with the airs of spring and new life.

Early in the morning, Alex reached the domain and placed the hives. He opened the taphole, and the bees slowly began to look around, run out on the arrivals planks, cheerfully make noise and ask: "Where are we taken in?" And then, having completed their first fly-over, they began to work together.

This event was very solemn for us. Every time we were leaving from the domain, there was a warm feeling that someone stay on the “farm”. Subsequently, we increased our apiary, and began to pump honey for ourselves, our relatives, we regaled and gave honey to neighbors.

According to reviews of those who have tried our honey, it has a bright smell and rich taste, and we also think so. Yes, this has reasons! Bees collect it in the forest that surrounds us, and from our domain. Sometimes, they reach the neighboring field thus buckwheat flavor also creeps in to the forest honey. However, each bee colony has its favorite “pastures”. We understood this after siphoning out the honey every year, sorted it into separate jars according to the number of each hive. Fresh honey is alike, but it's individuality is manifested as soon as it starts to crystallize. Each family has different honey, different in color, taste, smell, and crystallizes differently.

That's how our domain began to fill with life: the first roof, the first pets. This example has inspired our other neighbors. And soon our bees also got their own neighbors.

Ольга Ляхова. Жизнь пчёл в нашем Родовом Поместье (2).jpg

Ольга Ляхова. Жизнь пчёл в нашем Родовом Поместье (3).jpg

Olga Lyakhova

Lyakhov kin domain
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