Maria Orlova. Mom, tell me where did you and dad live when I wasn’t here? 09.04.2019 10:35:11

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- We lived in an apartment in Samara, not far from the Volga promenade, where we sometimes walk with you. It was very nice there. In the evenings we wandered through the most beautiful places of our city. In the summer, we went to the beach, in the winter, we had visitors. We had merry life.
“Why did you leave the city then?”
- You know, once we got tired of just wandering around, watching and having fun day by day. It became not enough to give love only to each other. And we wanted you.

So we started thinking.
Where do we want our baby to grow? In the city? Surrounded by brick walls, asphalt and advertisements? Or in nature? Where we can see - alive, thoroughly saturated view with harmony and pristine beauty.

What do we want our child to eat and drink? Food from the supermarket and bottled water? Or the best and most delicious fruits from our land and the purest water from its depths.

And what do we want our child to hear? Car's honking noise and the tram rumble under the window? Or the rustle of the wind in the crowns, the murmur of water in the springs and the singing of birds glorifying the sun and life itself.

And where do we want our baby to walk? In the park, on the island of the playground? Or in the forest, along these magical ravines among the beautiful birches and giant oaks, full of flowers. Along mushrooms and fragrant herbs, springs and streams, resting against a small, beautiful and already native lake.

And what do we want our children to consider home? To consider their Homeland? An apartment at a certain address or a city with a specific name? Or your own, since childhood favorite piece of Earth? Where Parents not only planted a garden for them, a forest, dug a pond, and built a house, but created a whole space with all the love that lives in their hearts now and in this place.

Your own corner of the land, native and living House.

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Where an apple tree grew with you and then fed you the most delicious apples in the world. Where you, little child helped your father to plant forest and build a playground. Where every corner is filled with vivid memories and imbued with parental love.

That's all we thought about. And then we decided that we want all this not only for our children, but also for ourselves.

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Life in domain - is life in a homeland.

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Maria Orlova
Kin Domain Settlement Solnechnoye (Sunny), Samara Region

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