Christina Timakova. A little philosophy about childbirth 12.04.2019 15:39:04

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This article will devoted to my thoughts about giving birth in the domain. 

To begin with, Sasha and I have been living in our domain for 6 years, we have been equipping it with love and inspiration, filling our space with love. During this time, it was possible to give birth to three children, well, or two at least. But our firstborn came only after 6 years. 

Like many others after reading green books, I also had a desire to create a space of love for my children. I really had this dream! I am thankful from my Soul to my beloved husband for the fact that our dreams merged into one beautiful dream! 

When we got a land in Yemelyanovka, it was just a land. The land that was waiting for a man. To create everything that we dreamed of on this earth took some time. I wanted to plant a hedge to delineate our space. Make the main planting, while thinking and dreaming about the child. Plant a Family Tree. 

Time passed, and we all continued to prepare for the child. Many of our friends and neighbors became parents during this time. And we began to think, wasn't this all too much for preparation?

But then I had feeling that we and our space are ready for the baby.

I want to mark the following. When a woman is pregnant, the baby feels good in the tummy. Mom loves the baby, he feels warm and cozy there. Thus I really wanted our child feel the same was born in this space. So that everything around him would be already familiar and just care and love him. I really wanted to give the child the Space of Love!

Of course, I still want to plant a lot of things, I want to do a lot of things in the domain. All these things we will do together.

Now we have a very active period, a lot of cases and projects.

All of this is happening at the same time we have a baby. The biggest project is a house building. It takes a lot of time and money. And I've heard a lot that we didn’t manage to do everything before the child was born. But my soul is very calm, because I feel that we have prepared the most important thing. Our daughter has a living space!

I hope that my thoughts will be clear for you, as I wrote about very important and very personal.

I wish our entire beautiful planet to become a blooming paradise garden! And let the Space of Love be everywhere on Earth!

Кристина Тимакова. Немного философии о рождении детей 2.jpg Кристина Тимакова. Немного философии о рождении детей 3.jpg

Кристина Тимакова. Немного философии о рождении детей 1.jpg

Photo was made six years ago, just when we first consciously dreamed about the child.

Christina Timakova

We, Alexander and Kristina Stepanova, began to equip our kin domain in June 2011. And have been living here since the beginning of 2012. Our kin domain is located in a settlement Yemelyanovka, Zhytomyr region, Ukraine.

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