Needlework in domain. Kin domain Egorovo, Kin Domain settlement Rostock, Rostov region 22.04.2019 10:20:45

I think every girl opens an interest and thirst for creativity when she moves to live in kin domain. I heard a lot stories about girls who never held brushes or needles in their hands began to paint a picture or embroider a cross.  From somewhere arise a desire and inspiration to create something beautiful with their own hands: for themselves and home, relatives and friends.

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I think my thirst for creativity is also thanks to my mother, the needlewoman. I still have a vivid childhood memories about my mother how her sewing machine was knocking in the evenings, or how she was sitting under a floor lamp with a embroidery hoops or a hook in her hands. As I get older, I really liked the handmade things, because I knew what work and effort were behind this. I tried to create something for myself - nice bright little things. But I had lack of time, patience and a certain concentration in work in the daily bustle of that life, with her concerns / studies / work. When I moved I took with me a whole bunch of threads and unfinished works, to which my hands finally reached. I always find time for my favorite activity during long winter evenings and even in the summer heat, when it is impossible to do anything on the site.

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Much has been written about the beneficial effects of needlework on women. In addition to the meditative impact of the process and overwhelming emotions from the result, the handicraft for me is also a way of self-discipline, education of patience and perseverance. I try not to leave the work unfinished, to concentrate to only one project, not to do several things at the same time. It helps me in everyday life. Furthermore, needlework can be perfectly combined with self-development, while simultaneously listening to interesting audio books or lectures. Well, and one more pleasant moment - you can solve the problem with the choice of a gift: you can always create it yourself with your own hands. And this gift will be special, unique and sincere.

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And all of this is so harmoniously intertwined in life in domain. Sometimes I feel uncomfortable when being somewhere at a party, when you watch a movie and do not know what to do with your hands. And you missed the entire plot because you were thinking - "how much would I have managed to tie up in these 2 hours".

Dasha Egorova

Kin domain Egorov
Kin Domain Settlement Rostock, Rostov Region

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