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Everything what we need is on the surface in a visible place! There is no need to go anywhere, pay anyone to get it. Here is another solution to a global problem. Bags, packages, plastic, leather - this is the last century! Baskets - this is an ultra-modern, trendy and environmentally friendly, fully recycled thing for carrying and transporting anything!

Make baskets, friends! How? It's very simple, take a straw of any origin, and make long rope of the required diameter from it, then weave bundles of straw into one another.

Jute thread is wound on this rope in a spiral. It is important that the rope is tight, without kinks and stable thickness. The thinner you want to make the walls of the basket, the thinner the rope should be. A medium basket will need about 20 meters of rope. But it is more convenient to weave ten meters, until you get tired, start weaving a basket, and then continue the rope.

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Begin to weave from the center of the bottom. The bottom determines the shape of the future basket. It can be round, square, rectangular, any form. We must make the required form from the beginning. The simplest form is round, the weaving goes in a spiral. It's quite intuitive to stitch the turns of the rope, you need just sew every turn to the previous one. In the shape places, for example at the corners, it is sewn especially carefully. The layers of the rope must also be laid and sewn very tightly. The strength of the basket, its harmony and durability depends on it. When you reach the desired shape of the bottom, begin the plane of the walls of the basket.

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Then you need simply lay this rope in layers and fix it with a jute rope. You will have the choice: to either lead straight walls or expand them. Baskets with flared walls look beautiful. You will also have different options handles for baskets. Classic handle in the middle of the basket is usually made of several layers of rope on the last turns of the walls and tightly tied with a rope.

It's easier to make round shape of the handle. You need laths to make square shape of the handle.

You can give it any desired shape crushing it slightly at any stage. It is very convenient to weave it. You can't do it ugly, just because the previous turn always serves as a guide.

So you can weave any shape and size to your taste, to your needs. Do not limit your imagination. Remember that all genuine things are simple. Things are for us, not we for things!

The basket from straw will be durable, frost resisting , water resisting, and it will be quite flexible, unlike the twig.

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Well, if you do not want to waste your time on the process and want a basket, you can order a straw basket from us. We will make it with pleasure! Or you can choose from the options offered in our store.

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