Svetlana Uslova. Thank Mother Earth 26.04.2019 14:20:18

Once upon a time, three hundred years ago, our ancestors feasted New Year on September 22 in the days of the autumnal equinox. It was before the Julian calendar was adopted by Peter the Great. These holidays were called the Holiday of the Harvest, Ovseny. People gathered and lavish each other with everything that Mother Earth gave. 

Men usually made the holy sheaf of Didukh, which was the sacred New Year tree in the house. This tree usually stood on three legs and parents put under it sweets, nuts, apples - New Year's presents for children. The family summarized the past year, and made plans for the future this day. These days they arranged matchmaking and weddings. 

Many interesting rituals and traditions associated with the holiday of the autumnal equinox. One of them is the traditional hadcraft grappling dolls making of Zernivushka and kubyshka-travnitza, dolls of overfed and health for the whole family. 

We try to preserve the best traditions of the past, and bring something of our own here in the kin domain settlement Luchistoe. This time our newlyweds Valentina and Irina had an idea that Didukh alone would be lonely and decided to make Babikh to him! Such an impromptu comes from the energy of love. 

Светлана Услова. Поблагодарите Матушку-Землю 4.jpg Светлана Услова. Поблагодарите Матушку-Землю 1.jpg

Светлана Услова. Поблагодарите Матушку-Землю 2.jpg

And of course there were the table with treats, fun with tea and without intoxicating drinks. And we played, danced, jumped over the fire!

Светлана Услова. Поблагодарите Матушку-Землю 5.jpg Светлана Услова. Поблагодарите Матушку-Землю 7.jpg
Светлана Услова. Поблагодарите Матушку-Землю 6.jpg

We keep good traditions of our people! With the holiday of Autumn and Harvest. Do not forget to thank Mother Earth for all her efforts!

Svetlana Uslova

Kin Domain Settlement Luchistoe
Crimea Dzhankoysky Dist

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