How we built our adobe house in the Agudaria Kin Domain 06.05.2019 10:07:05

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Our house is already built. It is beautiful and cozy - inside and out. And now (having already dug up the “old” photos of the beginning of house building), we decided to catch up on old times - how everything happened. 
It was the first experience for us to build house from scratch - and it turned out to be a real adventure for our family. It will take a long time to describe all the nuances of construction and interesting events. I'll tell about it somehow later. For now - briefly about the stages of construction.

It all started with clearing up the site for a house in the old garden in April 2013. We uprooted shoots and several large trees in a week together with a 13-year-old son and, freed up a few hundred square meters and made a canopy. In general, in the beginning of April we had a rest in nature - and returned to the city onto other business. 

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I anxiously waited for to the final registration of the property on the land, and finally, in May I came to lay the foundation for the future house with my father. We thought about the size and type of construction before that. We painted the project and the appearance of the house (by the way, we built exactly that house from the painting, with all the details). 

The foundation was columnar - one meter deep and with the expansion below using the TISE technology. It had 49 columns and another plate for a 2x1m oven. It took us 10 days on the foundation installation and the purchase of materials and necessary tools. We invented and made various tools with my father from improvised means on the move. For example, a scoop - such necessary thing for extracting soil from deep wells, a tripod and a funnel for pouring concrete, a device for mating reinforcement .... 

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June 11, 2013 saw how the whole family with all things, animals, and even with fish - finally moved to their own domain. A little time for the arrangement of life (a tent for children, a kitchen under a canopy for wife, a pond for fish) - and urgently build. 
My father helped me at the first stage of construction the site. It was he who inspired me with his confidence and abilities, optimism, helped with advice and found solutions in difficult situations. However, as always ... My father is already over 70. I would like to remain an authority on my children at that age. 

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In general, the sawn timber was delivered and everything began working ... We laid beam, set the frame. Dissolve the board in half (because we didn't find the required size of the beam), cut out the grooves and, installed the racks of frame. We sawed and built from morning to evening, 1st floor, 2nd floor. It was already an August, and the walls have not yet been filled with adobe. But first of all, we made the roof, so that future walls do not get wet, otherwise it could be poured by rain, at least that summer was full of rainy days. 

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And the frame was ready, the roof was covered with ruberoid for that time. It was time for the most interesting stage - filling. Immediately after harvesting in July we bought wheat straw at the nearest field. The straw was soaked in a pit with a clay mash, we allowe it to drain and further tamped into the wall in the formwork. 

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It took us a day to raise the wall on one planking around the perimeter, i.e. on 15cm. (our house is 6x8 meters). It was possible to calculate how long the fascinating process takes based on this norm. The results of calculations were not good - it turned out that we would not have time to finish all the walls before the cold weather. September was cold and hinted bad weather. Thus, we decided to slow down with filling, and finish our work on the first floor for this year. We had to solve many issues before moving: windows, doors, floors, ceilings, overlaps, household amenities, plumbing, electricity, heating, hauling children to school, etc. 

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Thus we had to accelerate, and on September 23, 2013, we solemnly moved from the tent (where we spent 3.5 months) to a new house! The walls, however, were still raw, there were spikes of wheat shoots on the walls. But we did our best, we stoked the furnace, bought a heat gas cannon for the far corners - and the walls gradually dried out, the wheat had withered ... October pleased us with the sun and warmth. I used that moment - and covered the roof with soft tiles. 

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September, 23 - we moved into the house! The very first, the solemn kindling of the stove. We dragged out things damp from the rain from the tent. It was mess! But now we have the comfort and beauty inside)) 

For the winter, the house was temporarily covered with heat insulation material and a damp-proof wrap - strawy walls turned out to be breathable without plaster. The second floor was covered with foam panels; it later served as a formwork for filling.  

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In winter, we were spent our time on decorating of the first floor, made the hallway and the stairs to the second floor. In the spring of 2014, closer to the summer, when it was already quite warm, we began to fill the second floor. 
We had already bought the straw for the second floor and kept it on the second floor under the roof. And the walls were ready. But then we experienced another interesting process - plaster. The case turned out surprising but fast and it all dragged on until the autumn cold. 

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Instead, the house received at once +10 for heat saving, and we spent the second winter in greenhouse conditions. We were engaged in planning and decorating the second floor. Everyone got a cozy room. Then at the final stag we had to paint the house outside. A few finishing touches - and the house was ready! 

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Anna Donatova 
Source: Kin Domain Agudaria, settlement "Skazochny Krai" (Fairy Land)

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