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Quote from a bard song. With a deep meaning. Indeed, we can associate the house with all living space around.

One young family visited us. They are looking for land to create an estate. They are in looking-for and plan their future house. They decided to move to domain only when the house is ready. They are sure that life in a tent, a trailer or in village close by domain not for them. And this is a clear for us. I see that a woman needs a comfortable environment.

When I listening to such stories, I understand that people need a comfortable and welcoming environment. Ready environment, that had already made by someone. Why? It's good. Convenient. You come to a ready-made settlement, where you have roads and electricity, children’s school and kindergarten. Where friendly neighbors respect nature.

And what do you have? What are ready to do yourself having changed your lifestyle? 

I used to think that a person wants to create a space of love. But it turns out that this is not always the case. People often want to live in good conditions, escaping from the city into a fertile habitat without an inspiration to create this grace by themselves.

Those who passed this way will understand what feeling I mean. It's when you want to plant trees, when you gather the seeds and dream how they will sprout on your native land. When ideas and plans do not allow you to sleep at night, and you itching for trying a new flat-cutter.

That's when the family will definitely live in domain, and teach their children to love the land showing them real example. They will not be bored away from the city. 

I hope our guests have this desire to create, and this does not apply to them. But they pushed me to on such reflections, and I thank them.

I want to summarize. When you look at people creating kin domain, you see their happy faces. And you want to live that way too. But you should understand that they are happy thanks to embodiment of their dream. They are happy to create in their own land.

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Ask yourself, do you really want to create a space of love around you with your own hands, will it make you happy?

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     Christina Timakova

  Happy life in Kin Domain

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