Guests from Estonia in Kin Domain Settlement Lesnaya Polyana, Mari El 24.05.2019 10:45:45

Гости из Эстонии в ПРП Лесная Поляна 1.jpg

The Maris and Estonians are close and even brother nations, both of them are Finno-Ugric tribes. And in mid-April a whole delegation from the Baltic country visited our settlement! But first things first.

Our account manager from Vkontakte received a message from Tatyana. She was born in the neighboring village of Marie-Lugovaya, but then she went to live in Estonia. And now she sometimes guides alternative tourist groups from Estonia: they can live in the homes of ordinary people and see life from the inside and really soak up and penetrate the culture of the place.

Tanya asked if hey could visit the settlement. We always welcome interesting guests and, of course, we agreed to host them.

And here is the day of the meeting. 10 guys from Estonia, acquaintance and a warm communication in Lepodom.

- Here are such a wonderful neighbors - creative, unusual, interesting! - told about the inhabitants of the Settlement.
- I've been living here about 10 years and confirm it: the neighbors are really strange! - added Dima Shashurov with a smile.

It turned out that our guests are unusual tourists. In addition to "alternativeness", they are also very interested in the topic of Settlements, and Roy Stryder is actively promoting it in his homeland, as the head of the alternative government of the country (sometimes it happens that way.)!

Гости из Эстонии в ПРП Лесная Поляна 2.jpg

Kin Domain Settlement Lesnaya Polyana

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