Kin Domain Settlement Radosvet. Five rules of work on the ground 05.06.2019 11:42:16

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Days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months, and months - into years. And year after year, people accumulate invaluable experience and knowledge on how to do better and more correctly.

We are pleased to present you 5 basic tips on working on the land:

- Give more than you take. Balance is important in life, and it is extremely important to keep balance where we are taking something. Do compost right on the garden beds to have good soil and bountiful harvest. You can use everything that decays and does not harm the soil.

- Do not disturb the soil without reason. Instead of digging it once again, rake and create its structure with organic waste, use mulch.

- And if you decided to rake it, then rake only the top of the soil, less than 5 cm, otherwise you can spoil the structure of the soil.

- Use the soil. If there are unoccupied parts, plant green manure - they will improve the structure of the soil, enrich it with nitrogen and prevent from weeds.
- Change the culture (plants) in advance. When you remove the first, the second should already climb.

And if the soil does not give enough harvest immediately, you should not hurry. If the soil suffered over the past year, then it can't be fixed in one day. Give it time, help it and it will reward you with a big and tasty harvest.

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Radosvet/ Kin Domain Settlement

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