A new family joined our Settlement Radosvet 11.06.2019 11:19:54

К нашему поселению Радосвет присоединилась новая семья.jpg

Tatiana and Andrei have been married for 14 years. They met each other much earlier, in Tyumen. Now they have 3 daughters: the eldest, Lisa, 12 years old, she is in the 5th grade, Polina is 8 years old, she is in family training and Christina is still quite small, she is only 3.5 years old.

Andrey is repairing, and he is also engaged in real estate investments. Tatiana helps her husband, and is engaged in house, children and their development. She cannot do without creativity and, tried many kind of hobbies. She likes decoupage, soap making, modeling from clay, likes to do something with her own hands.

How did you get to your land?

Tatyana: "Everything come quite naturally. It began with the fact that 2015 we were passing through Anapa, during vacation." Tatiana liked the city and she began to persuade Andrew to move to Anapa on arrival home. The whole family was already moved to Anapa. And even the closest relatives also moved there following them. They bought a plot with an unfinished house and finished it.

Why did you choose Radosvet?

Tatyana: "At some period of time, I realized that I want some changes and decided to start with myself. I came to this, having taken up self-development. There was an information about Radosvet, but that time I was not ready to move and thus I did not focus on this information. After half a year I was ready and began to think about life on land, read information about Kin Domain Settlements, and every time I read I felt response. And again I came across information about Radosvet, read Megre’s books and everything fell back into place.

I understood the roots of these thoughts and emotions and desire to live on land. We decided to go on an excursion to Radosvet, and after this tour there were no doubts about the choice of place. We quickly chose the land, we really liked the places, it's very comfortable here. These changes are not easy for my husband, he needs to think 10 times, but he trusts my intuition and he likes to work on earth, he always liked it."

What are you planning to do?

Tatyana: “We can’t give an answer what exactly we will be doing in the settlement. Most likely, we’ll still continue to engage in real estate investments, but we definitely want to create our own space where we can live with our children, find new friends. If we can find a business it will be great. "

Radosvet/ Kin Domain Settlement

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