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We would like to introduce you to the wonderful Sobolev family.
We came to Svetlana and Viktor to learn the work in their lives. Unfortunately, Victor was not at home; he was in his workshop — he was completing another order.

Thus Svetlana told us about Victor and his work herself.

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- What kind of creativity does Victor like?

Victor is handling many things: from  vine-leaves he makes a plate and furniture, makes decks, builds houses, bakes bread, plays the balalaika, deals with a cow, rolls shoes. He is the ancestor of our "Svetozarny", he travels around the region and makes stove of any design.

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Stoves played an important role in the fate of our family. For example, the very first stove, built in the village of Podgornoye and painted with amulets, helped us to give the birth of our son in one of the most frosty days of December with its heat.

The next stove consisted of only 500 bricks, warmed our family in the first years of our move to the Kin Domain "Svetozarnoe" with a six-month baby and three older children. Without a stove, the house is "careless", just like a person who does not warm up with his spiritual warmth.

The living warm, like a mother, it is very important for every creature in this World.
And I am incredibly lucky to have the master of all trades, who has been giving his creations to me and our children for many years. And the STOVE is his main man-made creation !!!

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My husband made a bath in our big house 8 x 12 (like a bath in a city apartment), thus the third stove was put there and the result pleased us, because it heats the house, prepares healthy food, and bakes bread, and dries mushrooms, berries, herbs, and heals the body.

Later, the neighbors began to ask the husband to make the stoves for their cozy houses. Since then stoves bring income to our family.

- Perhaps he has the most favorite kind of creativity?

He loves all of them, and he always does everything with love.

- How did he master the crafts on his own or did he has a teacher?

Svetlana: He learned everthing from the books of masters

- Does he like to learn new crafts?

Svetlana: Yes, he is a creative person.

- What else would he like to learn?

Svetlana: Whatever his soul wishes. He is always open to everything new.

Author: Svetlana Soboleva

Kin Domain Settlement Kalinovets

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