Children's Mondays in Kin Domain Settlement Kalinovets 02.07.2019 09:17:03

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Every summer our settlement is full of families.
Some families have many children, others have one child. In our settlement children are the most important treasure, thus we devote them almost all our attention.

So, a few years ago, we launched "Children's Mondays". Catherine Maraeva tells us about the first Monday in this year.

Ekaterina Marayeva: On June 3, in Kalinovets Creativity House we celebrated Children's Day, the beginning of holidays and the first summer “Children's Monday”. We hold such weekly events in the summer annually. Everyone had a lot of joy - how many friends came for the summer!

This day we shared our experience how we spent the winter, new things we learned during the year. Children love to play with adults. We played blind man's buff, cat-and-mouse, corners, "Annie!" - "I am here," tangle. We made a schedule for the summer of the leading active games, a circle of dances, songs, master classes, fairy tales, preparation for concerts. We watched and participated in the concert with poems, songs and finger theater. We congratulated the birthday girl, drank fresh milk, fragrant herbal tea with snacks.
All were satisfied.

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I was very pleased that children of eleven and older also joined in and offered to teach for the younger ones. Sonya will lead the dances, Ksyusha will prepare a performance for the summer solstice with the children, and two girls, two Nastyas - to learn a song. We are waiting for the next Monday, and Sonya is already preparing the game "Find the treasure".

Olga Onanchenko

Kin Domain Settlement Kalinovets

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