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Maria is 2 years and 2 months old. Today, she began to make her own space - to build her own house. She used to build houses with an older sister, and they played together in it. Today Maria built her house. She built two-room house by herself.

And yes, this is a new stage in the development of thinking. This doesn't mean only independent choice of materials and construction, planning the functional areas of the house of a two-year-old child. I'm not happy about it. This is natural thing. Natural development of the child. This is a stage of allocation for herself her own space and its organization.

I am glad to the following:
- Mom, come and visit me. Here is a door. Sit down. Here is a bedroom. With shelter, where you can sleep when it's rainy and snowy. And here is the garden. This is my home! Lie down here. Good. HOUSE!

Have you noticed too ?!

Where is her garden-forest?
Her garden-forest - is her house!
Just at the house there is a part with a roof where she can sleep when it rains and snow. And the main part of her house where she met me, where we “slept” and “ate”, talked and played,  simply put, lived — it was a garden-forest. The part with the roof - just a shelter in bad weather.

The child is two years old and she has already defined the meaning of the house. She determined what it is important in it.

Therefore, when we return home, she runs to the trees, bushes, flowers and shouts:
- We come back! We are at home! Hello, home!

That's what we wanted with my husband: to create a hectare living house for children. Where everyone has a place for communication, and for solitude, and for creativity and research, and for relaxation and dreams. Where everyone in a large family has a place to live in its entirety - a living place. We returned our children to Nature. We have returned ourselves and the children Home. Because Nature is not a place for picnics. THIS IS A HOME.

And we call it - Kin Domain. A living place for our Kin. For myself, children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren.

And our two-year-old baby identified the essence of the house by herself. And I think - that's right.

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Vera Pisarenko

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