HAPPY EARTH DAY! 23.07.2019 08:15:11


Today is 23rd of July - the Dachnik Day and the holiday of the whole Earth! Let's celebrate it as it's described in the books, with love, joy, and gratitude towards Earth! Do you remember?

“Let Russia rise at dawn that day. Let all people as families, with friends, and singly approach the Earth and stand on It with feet bare. Those who have their own small plots where they cultivate fruits with their own hands, let them greet the Sun’s first ray among their plants and touch each kind.

When the Sun rises, let them pick and eat one of each kind of berry. They won’t need anything more until the midday meal. Let them tend their plots until their meal. Let each think about life and where his joy and purpose lie. 

Let each think lovingly of those dear to him and of friends and of why his plants grow and give each its own purpose. Before the meal, each should have at least one hour of seclusion. It doesn’t matter where or how, but it must without fail be in seclusion, where he can be alone and look inward for at least an hour. 

Let the entire family gather for a meal—those living together and those who have come from far away that day. Let them prepare the midday meal from what the Earth has yielded for that hour. Let each place on the table what his heart and Soul desire. 

Let people return to their cities. They can harvest the fruits of their small plots of the Earth, carry them in baskets, and share with those who have none.”

Let's be sure people know this holiday, fill the Internet space with good! What should be done?

Share congratulations with all the hearts, with wishes or just photos in your personal accounts on any social networks and put the hashtag #23JulyEarthDay. Geotag where you are. Thank to hashtag you can see how many people around the world celebrate this day!

Read your favorite excerpt from the books of Vladimir Megre and post a video with the hashtag #readbooksofRCR #читаюкнигиЗКР. Vladimir Nikolaevich will see them all by tag!

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