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Today we have prepared the leaven recipes.

1 day: 100 g of rye whole grain flour is mixed with water until the consistency of thick sour cream. It's covered with a napkin and put in a warm draught-free place.
2 day: bubbles should appear on the sourdough. If there are few of them, that's okay. Now we need to feed the sourdough. We add 100 g of flour and add water to get the consistency of thick sour cream again. Leave it in a warm place again.
3 day: the leaven has grown in size and has a foamy structure. Add 100 g flour and water again and leave it in a warm place.
A day later, the leaven is ready for use.

1 day: knead a handful of raisins, mix with ½ cup water and ½ cup rye flour, add 1 tsp. sugar or honey, put everything in a jar, cover with a cloth or a holey lid and put in a warm place.
2 day: strain the leaven, add 4 tbsp. flour and warm water to the density of sour cream and put again in a warm place.
3 day: Leaven is ready. Divide it in half, in one part add 4 tbsp. flour, water (until thick sour cream) and put in the refrigerator. Use the other part for baking bread.

1 day: 1 cup of corn (wheat for wheat bread or rye - for "black") soak for germination, wrap the dishes with a towel, put in a warm place.
Day 2: if not all the seeds have sprouted, then rinse it, leave it in a warm place until evening. Grind the sprouted corn, mix with 2 tbsp. rye flour, 1 tsp sugar or honey, put in a warm place under a napkin or towel.
3 day: the leaven can be divided, leave a part in the refrigerator, and use the other part to prepare the dough.

We take yogurt or old kefir (preferably homemade), we leave it several (2-3) days until it gets bubbling and separation of water, and the smell characteristic of sour kefir.
Add rye flour to the consistency of liquid sour cream, stir well and cover with gauze, leave for a day. Leaven will begin to actively ferment, it will begin to peroxide.
A day later, add rye flour to the consistency of the  dough for pancakes of medium density, stir thoroughly. Cover again and do not touch until it is ripe.
Several hours later the sourdough begins to bubble rapidly and rise; if the capacity was small, it may creep out. In such an active state, it can be added to the dough.

1 day: in the evening pour 1 tablespoon of dry hop cones with 1 cup boiling water in a thermos, close the thermos and leave until morning.
2 day: strain the resulting infusion in a two-liter jar, add 1 tbsp. sugar or honey, stir well, add rye flour to the consistency of thick sour cream. Put it in a warm place, cover the jar with a cloth.
3 day: the leaven will become liquid and foamy, the smell is still unpleasant. Add flour to the density of sour cream, cover and put it in a warm place.
Day 4: stir the leaven, add warm water (1/2 or 1/3 of the volume of the sourdough), stir and add flour to the density of sour cream.
Day 5: Add water and flour again.
Day 6: use part of the sourdough to prepare the dough, put the remaining sourdough in the refrigerator, adding water and flour to the density of sour cream.

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