VIDEO: readers meeting with Vladimir Megre in Novosibirsk, August 6, 2019 23.09.2019 16:17:08


Speaker: August 6, Novosibirsk saw a reading conference with Vladimir Nikolaevich Megre, the author of the "Ringing Cedars of Russia" series of books. The meeting was held at the House of Scientists of the SB RAS in Akademgorodok. More than 20,000 views of broadcasts on social networks, and viewers not only from Russia.

The first book was printed in 1996 and instantly gained popularity. Today, the series includes 10 books, they are translated into 24 languages and published worldwide with a circulation of more than 30 million copies.

The idea described in books about life in kin domain resonated in the hearts of people. Today there are more than four hundred Kin Domain Settlement. And this means that there are more thanfour hundred new items!

V. Megre: Look - we see a map of Russia, albeit in black. Small houses are settlements consisting of kin domains, created by Russian readers. They are different settlements with different houses in them. But you know what I noticed - the joy, satisfaction from the fact that it is being created, is almost the same for everyone who has a big house and one who has a small house.

Speaker:  News about the release of the reprinted book Anastasia became the major event of the meeting. The book will be enriched with new chapters, stories, and photographs of Kin Domain Settlement.

V. Megre:  There will be a chain of chapters, from the Co-creation, and then there will be about one third of the chapters from the new book. I had to put them in this book, because it was about to be published. And this one still needs to be completed, it is not so simple to complete it. And new chapters I decided to add - after meeting with Anastasia. To give a new impulse.

Speaker: It will be on sale in 2019.
Today, the scientists study the Ringing Cedars movement. For example, Moscow State University holds scientific-practical conferences devoted to this new social phenomenon.

V. Megre:  If you heard or read - Moscow State University, Pavlov M.Yu., a leader of scientists' group, wrote a book and mentioned that with the help of this movement Russia can be taken out of the crisis in general. He gave reasonable provements using historical examples.

Speaker: The writer mentioned the All-Russian Popular Front and the Governor of the Belgorod Region Yevgeny Savchenko that provide the support to the creators of kin domain.

V. Megre:  The first example was provided by governor of the Belgorod region, he simply published the Law "On the Kin Domain". There was launched a very good connection between the administration and the settlers. And there are other places where settlers face difficulties in making contact with administration.  

The Foundation conducted studies, it asked officials around what they know. And it found out that people do not receive any information. And then the Fund developed a whole scheme.

It created the newspaper - take it, take it to the district department, not to the secretary, but take it to the departments.

Booklet. Entrepreneurs made a booklet, where they put an information about movement of the Ringing Cedars of Russia. They made the sheets with a spiral. You can take such a booklet. You can buy it and add your own inserts, maybe 2-3 sheets with a story about your domain, and give them to the governor, to someone else. There will be an information about your domain, and there will be in general about what is happening in Russia. And it works.

Speaker: The author spoke about his international conferences.
The he full halls of readers in the meeting all over the world show the popularity of The Ringing Cedars of Russia books.

V. Megre:  Frankfurt am Main holds the largest book fair in the world. We, our publishing house, has never taken part in it. A lot have happened on that fair. We were there not in vain. Can you imagine our Russian stand.

That's about as many people gathered there at the Russian stand. This is not our stand. This is the stand of the Russian Federation, where all the best publishers have performed. And we have a small one stand, two meters by two, or maybe more. And, in the last day of fair, when people were allowed to enter, our stand defeated all who were at this fair. Compare that stand and this one. Imagine the difference! That'show people abroad support the idea of creating kin domains. They came there to find out what is happening in Russia. 

This is Bratislava. Do you know what do they vote for? For the kin domains creation. They were told: "let's do it, who is for?" Bratislava. 

And in the Baltic states, what event was held. Imagine a small country. A small country that gathers a lot of interested people in one place. And, people visit meeting only to get in touch with this phenomenon. Thus we should cherish all we have.

Speaker:  Kin Domains are already created in the USA, France, Germany, Hungary, Belarus, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Poland, Ukraine, and Estonia.

The image of Anastasia has been inspiring people around the world for more than 20 years. People change their worldview and lifestyle after reading these books. People bring to life the idea of creating kin domain, of creating their own small homeland. Residents of family estates lead a healthy lifestyle, revive abandoned lands, grow environmentally friendly products. They change the world around, changing their lives for the better. That means the more such settlements are created, the more the whole planet will transform!