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Right a month ago, our domain was wired to electricity. We spent about 30,000 rubles to have it. We began to set up poles last summer. The first field was wired last fall. We live on the second field and electricity "reached" us only this year. It just took a long time to coordinate with the forestry about cutting clearings for connecting the first and second fields.РП Лебёдушки Про электричество (2).jpg

The image of the settlement initially should have autonomous electricity as it was said in books. We knew about it and acted consciously. Honestly, we were one of the opponents of wired electricity. We did not want to depend on the system. And those people who initially agreed to autonomous electricity, after a while began to talk about wired.

We told and debated a lot on this issue, and finally we got poles with wires in the settlement.

We let go of the situation. We do not have an acute link to wired electricity. We know that man can live in domain without it. We decided not to refuse the solar battery and we have lighting from it. In the neighboring village the electricity is periodically cut off due to some repair work. And our neighbors, that refused to use solar panels, stay without light, but we have it anyway. We even had a joke, "There is light, but no electricity."

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What are the pros?
* Now I can wash and iron without my husband. Now I do not need to coordinate with him the day when he can be at home to start the generator for such cases. Now I do my women's affairs on my own, when I have the strength, time and desire for it.
- I can spend time for creativity even in winter in cloudy weather.
- I can use an electric dryer, an electric meat grinder and other kitchen gadgets. Although we used a blender, coffee grinder thanks to the solar panel and inverter before.

What are the cons?
- We spend a lot of time on the Internet and, as a result, do not get enough sleep.
- Already dependent on light tariffs and now there is a link to the monthly payment of light bills.

I remember that some families who came to see the land in our settlement left only because of the lack of wired electricity. For some it was a decisive factor. So we inform all of you who is for wired electricity- "We have electricity! Come!"

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