Autumn stuff in the Kin Domain "Lebedushki" (Swans) 07.10.2019 15:11:39

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September-October we have a very busy time in our domain. It is necessary to prepare the land for winter. We mow land where it has not yet been mowed to have beautiful and well-groomed land in the spring. Soon we plan to redesign the garden. In the meantime, I was planting new bushes and replanting old bushes of mint, lemon balm, thyme and tarragon. I've got 2 beds of 3 meters.

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I noticed on the old grass ridge a tansy. I came closer, and found that it wasn't a tansy at all, but the flowering of mint. We have such a variety of mint, the name of which I still do not know. It is bitter in tea, but it is perfect for conservation. I always cut it before flowering, and this time I apparently missed one bush. At least I saw how mint blooms.

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Last year, we bought raspberry seedlings of the Tarusa variety (raspberry tree). This year we expected a harvest from it, but the bushes were rather weak. All summer they were green mass. And then, purely by chance, I noticed berries. I have not been able to try it yet, because one was almost rotten, waiting for us, and the rest had not yet ripened.

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I share my observations about grapes.

In the past two or three years, we began to engage in gardening. Prior to this, we were simply afraid of starting it. We tried to propagate grapes. We were given cuttings, we planted them, but only 2 of 10 bushes survived. As a result, they were planted and did not grow. And last spring, my husband and I had the idea that grapes do not grow in our land due to strong westerly winds. We made a shelter of black spunbond for it. So now it lives all year round. And immediately the grapes went to growth!

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The neighboring bush was covered with white material and the result is not the same. Black one is better.

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Next year, we need to make a trellis so that the grapes begin to curl.
These are our garden news.

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Regina Lebedeva
Kin Domain "Lebedushki" (Swans)
Kin Domain Settlement Kalinovets

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