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Осеннее Равноденствие в ПРП КалиновецЪ (1).jpg

The Autumnal Equinox is a special time of the year. This is the time to harvest, take stock and plan for the future.

We celebrated it on September 21st. This holiday turned out to be symbolic, rich and deep for me. The weather was suitable, albeit changeable. We had sunny weather from morning until noon. And after a little rain, and even with hail, the weather added it's own colors.

We started the holiday with the anthem of Kalinovets and the anthem of Russia. And then we thanked the Sun with a round dance, and thanked Mother Earth for a generous harvest.

We shared our achievements and harvest.
The main event of this year is electricity in the settlement.
And another significant event was the new house of the founder of the settlement, Nina Anatolyevna on her domain. Of course, she has a lot to do, but she has already a roof over her head.

And the Sobolev family's cow gave a birth, and now we can have pleasure from her milk.

Someone has wonderful harvests on the domain, someone has insights, new knowledge and discoveries, pleasant feelings. We also expressed our wishes for a new fertile year.

Every of us wants to live in prosperity among happy neighbors. And to understand the plants, people and the energy of Love. We have to finish the work in the settlement, to complete the common house and the house of Creativity. Let everything be fulfilled.

We remembered our ancestors on this day. Each of us introduced his own family. And we, passing in a round dance, met with each other, as with a representative of the whole Family, wished Happiness to our Clans and to each other. It was powerful and touching.

There were few of our settlers at the holiday. They needed to complete garden work in a sunny day. But we had the guests from Kazan. They shared their knowledge, talked about different forms and manifestations of Love. This topic is always interesting. We listened, then asked questions. You can talk endlessly about love, but the time has come for dinner.

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We set the festive table. We shared our culinary creativity and wonderful harvest. And the children liked the bread fried at the bonfire most.

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Осеннее Равноденствие в ПРП КалиновецЪ (7).jpg

When the rain granted us we moved from a cozy clearing to the hospitable house of the Marayev juniors. Here we had a concert. We sang, played musical instruments, talked and dreamed with other guests.

Осеннее Равноденствие в ПРП КалиновецЪ (4).jpg

The holiday's continuation was on the Mednikovs domain.
The guests played with Mystery, laid on a hammock, and then, my husband and I solemnly plucked the last pear and shared it with everyone. The pear bears fruit for the first time, yielding only four fruits. Tasty and juicy. Variety of pear Rusanovskaya. And, of course, we had tea and talked.
A wonderful end to the holiday.

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Осеннее Равноденствие в ПРП КалиновецЪ (5).jpg

Author: Tatyana Mednikova
Kin Domain Settlement Kalinovets'

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