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A few days ago, we had a completely charming family of 4 people: Mom, dad and 2 little daughters as our guests in our new straw house. They took a tour to Radosvet and dropped by for a visit.

We talked and at the end I was asked the main question.
- "Everything is good here, and this and that .... do you have cons??"
I began to laugh gaily and replied:
- "There are no cons here for me!"
They answered that my easy and happy laugh proved it. Sincerity is felt.
Then I tried to find some cons:
- "Well, in everyday life at the first stage of development of a hectare ... hot water there and so on ..."

But I realised that this is not a real problem for me. For someone, this can be, indeed, a significant con, but not for me.

And then, I began to think ... and found a con! Serious one. Not everyone can cope with it and give up.

This con is in the following, having moved to the ground, everything is aggravated. Any problems - personal, in the relationship between husband and wife, in relations with children, with society and so on.

In the city life we can overlook it, can block by pleasures - go to the cinema, distract by hard work, take the children to kindergarten, communicate with friends only virtually and superficially, without taking off the mask and not showing yourself real - there are plenty of options in the city how to get away from the problem.

That doesn’t work in the settlement. Any little problem in life, in any field, seems like a huge boulder, so  you just can’t move on without solving it. Everything is so obvious here and at a glance. That you either have to change yourself, or you lose and return to the city to continue to live a synthetic life, smiling only from the pages in social networks.

This is like super cool training. But your coach is life, conscience and glorious neighbors. Neighbors will support in difficult times, but if something goes wrong, they will definitely point it out. Everything is gradually aligned and you begin to live according to the laws of the universe, in conscience, with peace in your soul, with love for everything around you.

Changing is always difficult and painful, but I personally dive into these changes with my head! It's cracking up so hard, but it's fun for me!

It turns out that this is not a cons at all, but a steep and quick path to excellence.
And what are the pros and cons of living in a settlement you see?

Author: Vera Marchenko

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Radosvet/ Kin Domain Settlement

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