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Almost 20 years ago, January 2000 Kharkov saw the first and the only issue of the newspaper “Tribune of V.N. Megre“ books' reader Anastasia”. Then, we couldn't find other name. We wanted something as capacious and understandable to everyone. The volume of the newspaper was only 8 pages. Circulation - 1000 copies.

By this time, there have been already published first three books of V.N. Megre. The name of the author and Anastasia were already heard on the bookstores. Thank to this newspaper we tried to unite like-minded people, start discussing the ideas of books, exchange opinions either on the pages of the newspaper, or during general meetings.

20 лет назад вышла первая газета читателей книг В.Мегре на Украине (1).jpg

The newspaper did it. March 1, the first day of the spring of the new millennium saw the Kharkov Anastasia Society launching. There were about 15 people, we gathered in the alley of Kharkiv Park named after T.G. Shevchenko. About two months was enough for us to rapidly exchange impressions about books, and then everyone was somehow depressed and the question arose: what will we do next?

Then someone suggested: let’s organize a meeting of Kharkov readers! It was like a gust of fresh, invigorating wind. Everyone was inspired by this idea, everything began to move and set in motion.

We sent an email invitation to Vladimir Nikolaevich with the help of Anastasia Foundation. We sent our first newspaper by regular mail as an indicator of our organization and readiness for real affairs.

V. Megre praised the newspaper and said: "Anastasia’s views are very accurately conveyed." And the fund employees asked us number of organizational tasks: agreement with the regional administration about the hall, the meeting program and bards.

We resolved all these issues from May to November 2000. At the end of September, several representatives of our society went to a conference in Gelendzhik, where they met V. Megre and decided on the final date of the conference - November 17-18.

20 лет назад вышла первая газета читателей книг В.Мегре на Украине (7).jpg

The administration of the Kharkov Tractor Factory helped us with the meeting room. At that time this enterprise still remained quite rich and the hall was provided to us for free. Such unusual and active help from this factory's administration was even noted in the afterword of the fifth book of V. Megre.

20 лет назад вышла первая газета читателей книг В.Мегре на Украине (4).jpg

20 лет назад вышла первая газета читателей книг В.Мегре на Украине (6).jpg

The conference turned out to be an international: in addition to Ukrainians, there were guests from Russia and Belarus. The Kharkiv Education Department joined the organization and, gave the order to bring high school students from the schools closest to the Kharkov Tractor Factory Palace of Culture and Technology to this meeting, just to avoid a half-empty hall.

20 лет назад вышла первая газета читателей книг В.Мегре на Украине (5).jpg

As a result, at the beginning of the meeting, the hall was completely filled, people stood tight in the aisles and on the balconies. Such an unexpected amount of visitors really surprised both the organizers of the meeting, and V.N. Megre, and the staff of the fund. But soon all the "extras" left the hall, and all interested book readers were able to sit down. Even if the hall had seats for 700 people there were practically no empty seats.

20 лет назад вышла первая газета читателей книг В.Мегре на Украине (8).jpg

This meeting took two days. It took 6 hours for V.N Megre's speech and answers to readers' questions. This fact very surprised the administration of the Palace of Culture. Usually the famous writers of the USSR spoke to tractor builders an hour and a half, and here - as long as 6 hours!

The director of the Palace of Culture was tired of answering the questions of his colleagues over the phone: “Tell me, how could you invite Megre?” This was the writer’s first meeting with Ukrainian readers.

The first issue of the newspaper “Tribune of V.N. Megre“ books' reader Anastasia” turned out to be as a non officially registered “signal” to study the demand for such a thematic publication.

We expected that the successful implementation of the first print run will strengthen confidence in the relevance of the publication and help raise money for the official registration of the newspaper. But something went wrong.

As a result, almost the entire circulation was distributed to the participants in the meetings of Gelendzhik-2000 and Kharkov-2000 with Vladimir Megre. The newspaper has left for near and far abroad. Perhaps someone has preserved it in the family archive as a page in the history of the movement.

The newspaper did its job - in Kharkov, many book readers were able to learn about each other, take part in the activities of the already officially registered regional public organization Anastasia, and obtain land in settlements in the Pecheneg and Chuguev districts of the Kharkov region.

I would like to somehow please the jubilee newspaper. So we added a little color and Light to its original black and white version. It looks fun!

20 лет назад вышла первая газета читателей книг В.Мегре на Украине (2).jpg

PDF file of all pages of newspaper  http://anastasia.ru/upload/Газета_Трибуна_Украина_2000.pdf

Thank you!
Sergey Levchenko, participant in the events described above

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