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Now here we have better cheese than in Europe
The settlers of kin domain settlement Svetozarnoye that is located in Nizhny Novgorod region learned to make classic European and Russian cheeses. The only difference is that the cheese is handmade on a natural fodder, from the milk of their own cow Martha and it's covered with wax from an apiary. Some types of cheeses ripen up to a year, so this is not a fast work, but we've already can pleasure first results.
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Scientists have proved that cedar oil has the best composition among all vegetable oils
Yuri Viktorovich Shcherbatykh, Doctor of Biological Sciences, is studying the effect of vegetable oils in nutrition on human health. In the course of his experiments, He used raw cedar oil of the “Ringing Cedars of Russia” company, and came to conclusion that only cedar oil has the ideal Omega 3, 6, and 9 content for the body out of all vegetable oils. And besides, in addition to the composition of oils, taste is important for good assimilation, and cedar oil is loved by everyone!
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To heat - in a full force.
What kind of methods of winter heating of houses are used in kin domains? With maximum effect and minimum cost. Residents of the settlement Radosvet created a video with the owners of different heating systems, where they discussed the advantages and features of the five main options.
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Landscaping dreams.
The main thing is to start Vera Marchenko family has planted 60 pyramidal poplars in their kin domain in the settlement Radosvet. This is her long-standing dream - to make a live poplar fence on the southern edge of the domain. And dreams should come true! They liked it so much that they immediately bought another seedlings and other trees to plant them in about 30% of the entire territory of the site.
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