Connected in the reading circle with Anastasia - reading and conversation 23.01.2020 15:09:01

With the desire to connect with each other, and to read and realize, what we have recognized to be right and that which touches our hearts...

I invite you to join the reading circle, where the intent is not only to read, but to also talk ...

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Meetings will be held once a month, at three different locations in Slovenia: Žarek Grosuplje, Ljubljana, Lekmarje, 

Special recommendation:

In Žarek we have many friendly visits and calls about Anastasia. I would like to give a special mention to a nice family, all the way from the other side of Slovenia. The parents say that books about Anastasia changed their lives, leading them to live richer lives; together with their children they learn how to live in harmony with nature and of course with other peple. On how to survive in these times of crisis ... they say:

"It is all written in the books, how to enrich yourselvs on all levels and also live in greater abundance, but people just do not see it." With this in mind they bought some books about Anastasia as gifts for their colleagues.

I share these happy thoughts with you, in hopes that they warm your heart and help you find the right inspiration for yourself and simply be happy.

Books that can transform your life (as you already know) are available with us

Author: Helena Cesar from Slovenia
Source Zveneče cedre