Children's acroyoga in the settlement "Lesnaya Polyana" (Forest Glade) 10.02.2020 15:34:52

Детская акройога в ПРП Лесная Поляна (4).jpg

Elena Gubaeva says, “If adults don’t want to do acroyoga, we will recruit children! Moreover, me and Katya Egorova have experienced such kind of interaction with our own children, and we saw an undeniable benefit in this.”

No sooner said than done and in 4th of January Lepodom saw the next New Year event.

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Akroyoga is a new fitness way that combines asanas of traditional ancient Indian practice, acrobatic movements and even elements of Thai massage. All poses in it are performed in tandem with a partner, and almost all people can do it, because the acroyoga has almost no contraindications.

“For us, acroyoga is not only fun physical activity,” Lena continues. “This is a joy, a healthy dose of adrenaline and the development of confidence in the world! And with children, it’s also the formation of new neural connections, a strong muscle corset, an excellent vestibular device and a new way of communicating with parents." In general, a ton of positive!

“The first day in the parent-child lesson was so great that the organizers are eager to continue this activity. And it’s great that such kind, sincere start is supported by neighbors in Lesnaya Polyana. This gives strength and self-confidence!” - noted Lena.

Elena Gubaeva: "I’ll note that we have been engaged in for four months and there are no former acrobats among us".

Kin domain settlement Lesnaya Polyana

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