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It was important for me and my husband to organize our domain quickly, beautifully and effectively. It has been several years since we moved to the land, but it’s just now that we start really understanding each other. Personally, I’m a perfectionist. I don’t want to start anything before I decide on a perfect solution. As a result I made many mistakes towards my husband and the Space. That is why I really want to help those who are at the beginning of their journey, or are at the same point as we are.

For that we decided to learn about experience of those who already live in their Kin Domains and whose Kin Domains really pleases the soul. And since we create on our land as a couple, it was particularly important for us to learn about the experiences of family people.

So let us please introduce you our neighbors, the Zhuravlevs family, and the interview that we made with them.

Nadezhda and Ivan Zhuravlevs, live in Kalinovets settlement situated in Nizhny Novgorod Region. They moved here several years ago. They are active, friendly, and always ready to help. Despite the fact that they are both in their older years, they manage really well, and set a great example for the young. They just exude confidence that if you want, you really can!

- What did you start with while planning your kin domain? What would be your advice to others?

- To go to land. To plan your plot of land already having its landscape and position in mind. I don’t think one should plan every little detail up until the last grass-blade. Some plants will grow on their own; some won’t assimilate, or will dry up. It means then that is not a place for them here. And so you have to change and adjust your plan on the go.

At the beginning I also made a full detailed project first, but in real life it appeared differently on the land.

Before we started building a house, we built a small barn on the downhill, closer to the forest. We stayed there for a while, and we didn’t really like it – the mobile connection was not good there, we wouldn’t hear our visitors calling us from the road, it wasn’t really cozy. So we decided to build our house closer to the road. Now we don’t need to cross half of our domain by car, and it is more comfortable for people visiting.

- What information sources helped you to create Kin Domain? (Examples of other people, articles, videos, books…)

- The biggest help was our own experience of living in a village and in our summer cottage. I read some books and I notice that it’s not like that in real life, that the author lacks real life experience, and my personal experience says the opposite.

I am inspired by the methods and the experience of Masanobu Fukuoka (the book “The Revolution of a Straw Blade”), Sepp Holzer, B. Bublik, N. Kurdyumov, V. Zheleznov from Sayanogorsk.

I also really liked it at my aunts in Volgograd. She has 15 acres of land, a house surrounded by garden, a vegetable garden and a farmyard behind it. I also wanted then my house, my bath house and my vegetable garden to be surrounded by a tree garden.

- What other methods of kin domain planning did you use? And what method appeared to be the most effective?

- I experimented a lot, and the most effective was the method of our ancestors. Our ancestors were not stupid or underdeveloped. To set out a garden, a vegetable garden, to keep bees, one needs to put their soul and labor in it. It doesn’t just happen on its own.

- How did you come to mutual understanding and a common vision? How did you resolve issues?

- Ivan usually grants me all the initiative. But if he really wants to plant something, he’ll plant it anyways. And in case it disturbs, we just plant elsewhere. So I do not argue.

- How much time did it take to create a project, and did you have to change it in the process of realization? If you did, then why?

- I did create an approximate plan, but the landscape here is different. We had to lay out the forest on the eastern side. I wanted our living fence not to be too high, so that it wouldn’t cast a big shadow. Now I would plant scrubby trees on the side of the road, like for example viburnum, cherry, and lilac. Every ear brings something new to learn.

Now I do everything spontaneously, not according to a project. And for help or advice I ask God.

- Does it ever happen that you have no inspiration or no energy?

- Of course. Then I start working on that. I smile, and I still try to do something. I may reread books by Norbekov, and before that I read Pravdina. I communicate with people. There is an oakery on our land; I started going there more often. It charges me with power and energy, I regain my forces there.

When we were building our house, I thought of the ancestors and addressed them in my mind. It was mid-August, the building process came to a standstill, we didn’t have enough money, and our children didn’t have time to help us, and didn’t really understand. We had no energy left. Then our children helped us with money, but it was still not enough. One day me and my husband woke up at dawn, and asked our ancestors for help. And later we found money and our energy came back.

After some time I said to my husband: “We need to thank our ancestors”.

That day we had to go to the city. We woke up early; I was walking from our house to our bath house to get some things. I saw Ivan standing and looking at the house. I turned around and saw a rainbow above our house! It’s was not raining, and the Sun was not our, it was cloudy. In my mind I thanked and expressed my gratitude, and went about my business.

Then I heard my husband shouting: “Look! Look!”

I thought: “Why is he shouting? I just looked there a moment agoI” I turned around, and I saw another rainbow above the first one! A double rainbow! Later I asked some psychics what exactly it could have been. And they said that our ancestors accepted our gratitude.

- Please share your motto!

- Less words, more action!

Andrey and Elena Borko-Bruyaka
Settlement of Kin Domains – Kalinovets

Nizhny Novgorod Region

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