Regina Lebedeva – Quarantine. Time for Changes 10.04.2020 12:34:28

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Everyone probably has already understood that now the whole world is going through the time that our grandchildren will read in history books about. But none of us yet knows what the outcome of the current events will be.

In our case, this entire quarantine situation had no effect on our family. We DO NOT sit at home limited to 40-80 sq.m. Our house is alive! And it has an area of 10 930 square meters (109 acres). The closest neighbors are 250 meters away. The next store is even further. But we usually go there not more than 2-3 times a month. We have a cellar with food, water in the well, and enough firewood as well. The only thing we cannot do is sending parcels, because the nearest post office is closed now. And later we'll see. We feel secure about ourselves.

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BUT! We have relatives and friends in the cities, and many of them have children, and of course we worry about them. Not in a sense that they can become infected, but how they will survive this quarantine mentally. It’s a big task to guide and direct the energy of a child in a good direction, being locked up.

People who live on their own land can bear it all easier. They are preparing for the planting season and enjoy the spring. I do not know for sure whether this virus actually exists, and if it is indeed so dangerous. There is really conflicting information on the Internet. And honestly, I'm tired of going deep into it. I just want to live my life!

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But if everything is developing so all over the world, it must be happening for a reason. The Almighty has the whole picture of what is happening, but we see only individual puzzles. Someone makes negative forecasts, someone positive, but both of them rush to extremes in my opinion.

What the outcome will be, ultimately depend on us, on where we will direct our thoughts and energy. It's time to plunge into your inner world and conduct a massive clean-up there – to throw away grudge, pain, disappointment, self-blaming and many more different "cockroaches".

It's time to fix relationships in the family. After all, work and everyday bustle did not allow talking heart to heart with your loved ones. It's time to clean it all up. It's time to get to know your children. After all, kindergartens and schools took most of their time and life, and we forgot how to be together over a long period of time. It's time to redefine the values and reset priorities in your life. Is this the right way to go where I’m going? Do I really want to live in a concrete anthill? What do I want from life? And what can I give this world? And to my country? And to myself?

You can certainly spend this time browsing the Internet and entertaining yourself with movies. Or you can do the training, for which you never had enough time and energy. You can learn a new craft for yourself. You can make a plan of moving to the land. And it doesn’t matter whether it is going to be a village or a kin domain. The important thing is that the human soul will feel much better on the land than in the city. The time has come when EVERYONE will need to make a choice - whether to give their energy to darkness and fear, or to direct it into LIGHT?

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Let us all, in spite of everything, remain humans and help each other. After all, all of this will sooner or later come to end. The question is, how will we all leave after that? With a clear conscience and soul, or with a negative "balance"?

Regina Lebedeva
Kin Domain “Lebyodushki”

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