Valery Nekrasov. Now it is time to start writing your Books of Kin! 18.04.2020 16:25:24

I first learned about the idea of writing such a book from Anastasia, the female-lead of the books by Vladimir Megre. And I really liked that idea! I immediately purchased the Book of Kin, and I have been writing it since 2002.

First, I introduced myself to my descendants and wrote briefly about myself. Then I began to write about every ancestor, whom I could find at least some information about, and a photo. Then I described the era in which I was born. I wrote about the ideals that we had, about what we aspired to, and what we dreamed of in our childhood, in our youth; what values my parents shared.

Then I described Perestroika and what followed afterwards. Sometimes I would write about some historical event, and then I would comment it, considering what we already know now. I would point out distortions in historical events and why this was done.

And now it is time to start writing for those people who know about the Books of Kin, who maybe already bought them, but hadn’t started writing yet. Our descendants must know the TRUTH about our times and about those important events that are happening right in front of our eyes. And they should learn about that not from the media, but directly from us. Because the media never shows the real truth. After all, they belong to someone and present everything in a way that is beneficial to someone.

And in your Books of Kin you describe everything as an eyewitness to these events. Feeling the responsibility to your descendants and to your kin, you are unlikely to be misinterpreting.

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Wishing Happiness and Love to all of you!
The Good be on Earth!

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Valery Nekrasov
The Settlement of Kin Domains “Native Wides”
Yaroslavl region

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