Natalya Vasyukova. Your own pond in kin domain 11.05.2020 19:49:56

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This is the pond of our neighbours

Your own pond in your kin domain - that is a special place.
I sit here, watching it, and reflect. There was a meadow with willow here before. Then a man came and created a pond here, with the help of an excavator and a hundred thousand rubles.

A family saved 100 thousand Rubles, and they did not spend it on a two week vacation, but created a pond, where they now rest all year round.

All year round the pond pleases the family, their friends and acquaintances. And it will please their children, grandchildren, their parents for many, many years. And it will store the information about the first creators of the kin domain. Magic! Beauty! Created by the thought and by the hands of Man.

And how men unlock their potential on the land! In the modern world it is difficult for a man to find a field to show power, to come in full force. But how many happy and shining faces I saw when guys were making their ponds and planning the relief!

And do you know what an unusual feeling it is, when you go into the water of a newly created pond. It is so clean and free from the information about other people.

We are so accustomed to living in a world overloaded with information. So many people, so much bustle, so many thoughts… And here, all of a sudden, it is so clear.

And each kin domain has its own pond, its own energy. They are all so different, just like people.

And when there is such small pond on each hectare, they help each other – they hold water, feed the body of the Earth, and give life to everything around.

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The idea of kin domains is truly ingenious! I am convinced of this more and more with each day.

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Natalya Vasyukova
The Settlement of Kin Domains “Lyubodar”
Vladimir region

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