The fairytale "Forest Friends" from the nine-year-old Lida 14.05.2020 12:26:40

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Naumova Evgenia, 7 years old

The fairytale "FOREST FRIENDS" is written by the nine-year-old Lida Kovalevskaya.
Irina Kiselyova: “Lida’s tale turned out just wonderful: she remembered to mention about cleanliness, and about mutual help, and about healing from what we have hidden in our bosom, like under a tree bark.”

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Fairy tale "Forest friends"

On a forest edge among white birches grew a handsome Cedar. It was so big and fluffy - you wouldn’t find another one like that. Neither the branches nor the trunk were visible because of the fluffy needles. No one knew in the forest how it appeared here, but all the forest animals and birds loved him. Even the little bear, Mishka, came running from the midwood to play at the Cedar.

The Cedar was a real friend to the forest birds and animals: in the heat it gave them coolness, in winter it shelters them from snow and wind, and it also treated them with cones with seeds. They loved their Cedar - often came to visit it and cherished him as they could. But once Cedar fell ill: the needles turned yellow, the branches began to dry out. Cedar was crying with tar tears. Every day he got worse and worse.

The birds and animals were afraid that he would die and began to think how to help Cedar? They thought for a day, they thought for another, but they could not come up with anything. Also the little bear Mishka came to the forest clearing. He scratched the back of his head and suggested to send the Titmouse to the wise Owl for advice. But the Owl was about to fly away on his owl’s business and was cleaning up the nest before leaving throwing out litter.

The Titmouse sat near the Owl’s nest and asks:
- Wise Owl, please help! Our Cedar fell ill. The needles are yellowed, the branches dry. Winter will come, where will we hide from the snow and wind? Please tell how to cure him?
The Owl thought for a moment, and answered:
- On the edge of the forest, in the hollow of the old oak lives the main forest doctor - the Woodpecker. Fly to him, and hurry up! Nobody will help Cedar except Woodpecker.
The Titmouse thanked the Owl and flew to the old oak. She saw the Woodpecker sitting on a branch grooming his feathers with its beak. Titmouse was happy that she was not late. She sat on a branch near the Woodpecker and asked:
-  Hello, doctor Woodpecker! Please help us! Our Cedar fell ill. The needles are yellowed, the branches dry. Without him, we will die from cold in winter. Please, cure our Cedar!

The Woodpecker felt sorry for the birds and animals that stayed in the forest over the winter, and followed the Titmouse. He saw that all the forest dwellers have gathered at the Cedar and were waiting for the main forest doctor to speak.

The Woodpecker flew around the Cedar and said:
- You called me in time. Tomorrow no one would be able to help your Cedar.
He sat on the tree and began to tap the trunk with his strong beak. He found all the bugs and maggots that went under the bark for the winter and were destroying the trunk.

Soon the Cedar recovered, got dressed in his green fluffy outfit again, and decorated himself with cones. Birds and animals rewarded the Woodpecker with a red cap, which he has been wearing ever since.

But the Woodpecker does not forget the Cedar. All year he takes care of his health, picks bugs and maggots crawling under the bark. And when they hear the knocking of his strong beak in the forest, everyone knows that that is the main forest doctor in a red cap that is helping a diseased tree to recover. Since then, the Cedar has been feeding the forest inhabitants in hungry winter time with nuts from the cones. And he drops his biggest cones for the little bear Mishka.

Kovalevskaya Lida, 9 years old

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