Maria Orlova. Life in a Kin Domain - Expectations and Reality 14.05.2020 12:41:24

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Suddenly, our decisions, "inadequate" in the eyes of many, began to make sense not only for us.

Selling an apartment near the Volga-river and exchanging it for a studio apartment on the outskirts. Quitting simultaneously two our comfortable office jobs, buying 1.3 hectares in a free field instead of 10 hectares in a normal cottage village… Stopped eating meat, milk and sugar and all type of chemicals that "everybody eats". Giving birth to a healthy child at home, not vaccinating and not to sending her to kindergarten...

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And now, when they ask me - how are we on self-isolation, I want to ask - what self-isolation? We have spring here! And a garden, and seedlings. We need to make a greenhouse for greens and replant strawberries. You can walk here from morning to night - the forest is just 5 minutes walking away. There is air, Sun, rain – like in a beautiful song.

What deficit? We have a solid supply of pumpkins, our own honeycombs full of honey, greens for juices that are already growing – you can chew it or drink it if you want.

What virus? We understand clearly why people get sick and have illnesses, and it’s been a long time since we stopped creating reasons and causes for that in our bodies, creating a really healthy nutrition instead, which gives Health.

A crisis? My husband is slowly but surely creating a brand of healthy sweets, and this has suddenly become very relevant now for many.

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Our course on nutrition that we started on the fly was completed by 50 people - and everyone has results! This is such an inspiration - somehow accidentally we created a very relevant and working Info-product.

I finished my education as a Theta Healer, and now I can help people not only with my vision and advice, but help them to find the cause of their problems and change it right now! And this is really relevant, always and for everyone.

We only haven’t managed to give our apartment for rent yet. But we certainly will – it won’t get bad or anything.

And our child who is suddenly at home all the time doesn’t drive us nuts. Even 5 children at home wouldn’t - I somehow relaxed about the need for perfect order in such conditions, and I got the energy to change something drastically - to halve the number of most necessary things, for example, or to clean up the clutter in my own head.

We do not need to sit locked up. Even locked up with 10 acres is not enough.
Everything is actually the same with us, and every day is a little better.
We still own the same unfinished house, but already with beautiful walls in some areas. Our “sauna” is still a barn, our toilet is outside (outhouse), and we have a bio one at the entrance.
Still the same - water is not piped, heated on the stove in buckets.
All the same - a lot is in progress.

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But now, I suddenly realized that in all that deep in my soul I feel that it’s so right, in harmony and simple, and simply just GOOD.
Today we have our wedding anniversary.

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And probably for the first time in my life on this day everything is just simply good, and not the way how it “must” or “supposed” to be. It’s absolutely enough - just a kiss on the nose and congratulations upon awakening, attention and a question right away - what do you want the most now? Well, it already seems so good, but you know - I would want a greenhouse for greens, and also a holiday vinaigrette-salad with homemade bread, and to talk about what is in the heart – just like every day.

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It is enough for now, because that is exactly what I want. And to live like this every day is a Holiday called Life!

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Maria Orlova
Settlement of Kin Domains “Solnechnoe”, Samara region

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