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Once, in 2017, when I read the books of V. Megre, already after the first book, I got the inspiration to write poetry, create something beautiful for people. And I began with myself, and decided to show how I can do it on my Eliseyev kin domain “Odnazhdy v Skazke” (“Once Upon a Time in a Fairytale”).

After reading the book “The Space of Love” by V. Megre, I changed the image from Private Farm Holding towards the Image of Kin Domain, supplemented with the features of Private Farm Holding as an element. And I started to do my family business there - grape growing, and much more.

When I read the next book of the series “The Ringing Cedars of Russia”, I had an inspired dream - to create the Book of Kin for myself and my children, for the descendants, for the future. And I wanted to write down everything that was most beautiful and consciously-happy in my life. I wanted to give a message to them practically about everything that happened with me in real life, even about my mistakes and failures, so that my children and all future generations could live more consciously and aware, and happier than me.

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So ever since then, I began the Creation of the most unusual and non-typical Book of Kin, so that it would last for centuries, and could be improved, and a lot of different and interesting things could be put into it, including audio and video files.

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It was made by one beautiful craftswoman - Alyona Gainullina. I am very grateful to her. She makes each book exclusive and unique. It means, there is only one such book in the whole world. Since then I have been writing it, typing on my computer and then printing on beautiful sheets in A4 formats. About 1000 sheets of the beautiful aspirations can safely fit in there...

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Therefore, I dream that you could also write down your dreams and feelings in such a self-created Book of Kin, which everyone should have! Everyone, who lives and learns to live consciously-happily in their Kin Domains, and wants their children and descendants to also live that good...

Oleg Eliseyev
Kin Domain "Odnazhdy v Skazke"
Belgorod region, Graivoronsky urban district

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