Kin Domain Landar 26.05.2020 17:45:47

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After gardening, it’s nice to sit near your pond, look at the beauty around, listen to the sound of the stream, birds singing, watch what’s living in the pond and along the banks. If you sit quietly and do not talk, you can see a lot of wonderful things.

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Weasels and ermines pass by, they are not afraid of us! Water rats, grass snakes, frogs swim by. Grass snakes and frogs like to bask in the sun on the bank. Lizards also join them, but they settle a little higher. And there are all kinds of different birds, who sit around on trees, in willow bushes and compete in singing. The nightingale is leading of course!

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Closer to the evening hedgehogs start stomping like little elephants in the grass, and then walk pompously along the paths. Sometimes sister fox runs by a little at a distance.

Life in nature is amazing and wonderful!

Morning after the rain! Everything is watered and washed, birds are singing, tender joy is pouring! Therefore, we call our settlement of kin domains Radonezhie (Tenderjoy)!

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Svetlana Landar
The Settlement of Kin Domain Landar

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