Viktoria Borkina: Lavender Love 25.06.2020 19:49:32

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Our children will walk here

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Hot to make my dream of lavender field come true. I have an idea!
I am often asked, “Why do you need so much of lavender? What are you going to do with that?” Till now I had an only answer “to admire it”. I adore it and it didn’t matter what would be used for. The most important for me is was to have it!

Now it is coming true. Now the more real it becomes, the more ideas what to do with it coming! It seems like I am inhaling them with the fragrance of my spiciness plants.

Many families dream to leave in nature. However, the is always a concern “What to do for living until the plants have grown”. To be honest, this is the most frequently asked question on our blog and from our guests who comes to look for land.

Until the moment, I did not have an answer. Now the problem is not solved completely. However, we came up with an idea how to provide an extra income and how to find something pleasant for the soul. I will share it.

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Tulips and perennial flax

When there will be a lot of lavender I will be able to share new plants and seeds! For free! Also, I will share my experience in cultivating it.

Firstly, I will be able to help the nearest lavender dreamers, who lives in the district, in the oblast or who has just moved here. It will help to avoid the needless fuzz with post offices. Therefore, we will fill the oblast with lavender and go further.

Before the actions, Anton and I will launch a lavender shop and try out the demand. It is a well-known fact, that to produce is much easier then sell.

If everything goes well, our lavender will help some families that loves lavender to live in their own Kin Domains, cultivate their beloved flowers and get some profit.

There will be no attachment to our shop. Anyone can sell the products either on their own or with us; it will be up to them. Seedlings, seeds and consultation will be free any way.

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I feel, our oblast will have the lavender fragrance very soon and it will become a paradise for photographers. It is just around the corner.

Belgorodskaya oblast is the region of possibilities, and we will support it with all our hearts. Lavender whispered me that.

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Виктория Борькина

Belgorod oblast

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