Nadezhda Kazanskaya telling us about the garden-beds at her Kin Domain 26.06.2020 15:33:22

In 2003, when we just obtained the land to create our own Kin Domain, I found every possible book on agriculture and read it. Now I cannot even remember all the authors: Kurdyumov, Mitlaider, Fokin and many more.

After that the period of experiments began. I experimented a lot. I tried out lots of things. I’ve tried a lot of ways: to plant into grass as it is in nature, high beds and low, warm and just hammered-together, planting potatoes under straw and beds with other plats. Wide beds and narrow, wide rows and narrow weeded and mowed and lot of experiments more.

And that’s what I come to after 17 years

Надежда Казанская о своих грядках в родовом поместье (2).jpg

The beds are placed from the North to the South; plants are in two rows there. It means beds for carrot and onion are less wide then the ones for cabbage. Firstly, it is necessary to process the land with rototiller, after that to make beds with subsurface cultivator. The beds are 5-10 cm higher, paths are 20-25 cm. To cow the beds I make a furrow, press it, water, sow and cover with a layer of earth. As sprouts appear I use the cultivator and cover the beds with mulch. So as for rows in-between. You can see it in the picture. I handle all the garden in one day, though it is usually covered with a layer of chickweed.

Надежда Казанская о своих грядках в родовом поместье (3).jpg

Надежда Казанская о своих грядках в родовом поместье (4).jpg

Next time I will come to the beds just in 3-4 weeks. I will weed few needless plants that will have come until the time and I will mulch everything again.  That is all.

It works all the time Every year I have enough vegetables enough to the next year. Now are about to finish eating last year carrots, onion, beetroot, and cabbage. Sometimes we have some surplus that we sell. But usually I try to plant just quantity we need, not more.

Надежда Казанская о своих грядках в родовом поместье (1).jpg

Nadezhda Kazanskaya

Blagodat settlement, Yaroslavskaya oblast

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