Kin domain settlement Radosvet: from Germany to Russia 29.06.2020 14:43:42

We are going to share the story how the Tomas family moved here.
30 years ago little children Vova and Katya together with their parents moved from the failed USSR to Germany as many Russian Germans did.

And now they are moving back with their own children.
“From Germany to Russia? No way!”
But that is true. And there are many families like that.

Why the decision was difficult, what difficulties they met while moving, what feelings and doubts came out at the way, how their parents reacted – you will read about that in our new video in the heading “Stories of moving.”

Vova will tell you about his job in Germany, new job experience in Russia, some features of life and education system in the Fin Domain during the quarantine, and he will share the main thing of settlement on land.

Don’t be afraid of moving. Living on land is natural. Be creators!

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Radosvet / Kin domains

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