I spent the night with two children, four kittens and two cats IN A TENT IN OUR KIN DOMAIN 09.07.2020 13:02:12

Я провела ночь с детьми в палатке в поместье (2).jpg

Just because the children really wanted something romantic. Will the jackals come? Will owls fly? Do pheasants and hares walk at night? And who makes all these sounds at night anyways?

Well, what can I tell you? At first they could not fall asleep with joy. There were constantly looking out - where are our hedgehogs and everything?

Then the cat decided to start training kittens in night hunting for mice and began to carry these mice into the tent (yes, the children left a gap for entry and exit for our free animals). Everyone was very happy except for me.

Then the children - all six - began to stack on top of each other - you would not figure out in the dark who is where and how to save everyone from injuries. In my childhood, I fell on kittens and the cat-mother with a fright for them jumped on my face back then. That is why now I was carefully shifting this sticky pile all night.

With the dawn, finally, the morning began for all the felines, and they left the tent for their morning fun. And I was going to get some sleep, but it turned out that the morning began for my human cubs as well. Because the sun has risen, the birds were singing and all that. They were wide awake. I tried to sleep, and the two were jumping on me and singing songs, calling the kittens, looking for the mice from the night. The youngest one was thirsty, and the alder one wanted to go for a walk - I felt like in the middle of a gypsy camp.

Marya yelled that it’s boring to sleep in the morning and that mom should get up. I tried to persuad them to go to the house to daddy and arrange a fun morning for him, while I rest from the fun night. But children said that it would not be fun with dad and continued to celebrate the morning with mom.

Я провела ночь с детьми в палатке в поместье (1).jpg

Then they still got tired of the fact that mom did not respond well to the speech, periodically starting to snore, and decided to lie down with kittens, who had played enough to go to bed. As the result at seven in the morning we all fell asleep. All the children were on me. Two daughters and four kittens. Just to wake up half an hour later from the screams of Sophia, who had a nightmare about the accident and my death. The girl demanded that I never drive. So again we had to work with the fear of losing loved ones. The funeral of my grandmother, of their grandfather and of Shetinin brought this subject into our lives.

So that’s the night that we had. And that’s the morning.
Does anyone want to learn how to get up early for greater productivity? Move to live on the land, give birth to children and go to sleep with them in a tent, in the hayloft, or under under the open sky. And with the first rays of the sun you will be up on your feet. Oh, I forgot - be sure to get a rooster.

It was my long-nurtured dream to get up at dawn. So it came true.

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Vera Pisarenko

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