The new neighbors in the Settlement of Kin Domains “Lesnaya Polyana” 09.07.2020 13:33:32

Things are humming in our settlement! Almost every day there is something interesting, and we are pleased to present you the story of the new members of Lesnaya Polyana - Lenar and Polina Shakiryanovs.

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Lenar and Polina:
We learned from our friends about the Day of Earth Festival and first visited it in 2017. We went just for the festival, but already on our way we felt the "point of no return". On our second visit, we wanted to go on the excursion around Lesnaya Polyana, which was perfectly conducted by Larisa Osnova. On our third visit, we wanted to stay and to live in the settlement for a while. We stayed at hospitable Alexander Shtyrov. And Arthur Gimaev kindly gave us an individual tour.

Already at the next meeting in August 2019, we were accepted as candidates (to become residents). Then we came for a working tour, and stayed in a cozy guest house at the Arseny and Aigel Mikhailovs. And the key event happened in May: we got accepted into the large family of Lesnaya Polyana!

During that very same visit (we only had 5 days) we made a preliminary marking of our plot of land, set up a camping, brought water to the place of the future house with the kind help of Konstantin Butkevich, prepared poles for a temporary power line, cut off the lower branches from several birches.

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A working team from Kazan conducted a geological study. We are waiting for the results of laboratory analysis and for conclusions to design the optimal foundation for the house. I must tell you that each neighbor wanted to help us (by word of support, by deed, or providing tools), and we are very grateful for such great support!

We asked the new neighbors a few additional questions. We hope that their answers will help to make a choice for those who are still thinking about their future.

You became candidates last year, and you entered this year. What doubts did you have during this time? How long did you think whether to join or not? And what was the determinative factor?

Lenar and Polina: There were no doubts about entry. There were obligations in the city to fulfill which took time.

What emotions did you have during and immediately after the meeting?

Lenard and Polina: There was a thrill, and then there was joy.

Do you plan to live permanently on the land or "in two places"? If it is the first option, then why did you decide to leave the city? The main factors, please.

Lenar and Polina: We plan to live permanently in Lesnaya Polyana. At the moment we are working on selling the apartments in the city, we meet with potential buyers, pack things and optimize processes.

We must note that we feel better on the land, and to work here is much more pleasant. And most importantly we are surrounded by great people whom we want to take example from!

We think that Polina and Lenard are somewhat overpraising our residents. People who live here have their advantages and disadvantages, and each has their own good and not so good sides. But we are very glad that even after having lived in the settlement for some time, the opinion of our new neighbors has not changed!

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