Natalya Zaryanova - I have a lot of different plants in my nursery garden 13.07.2020 19:52:33

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Waking up every morning, I go around my space. I usually don’t go everywhere, only where my soul calls me. But I always go to the kids in the nursery garden first! I have many different plants in my nursery garden. Most of them were grown from seeds. And in the last couple of years I have been fond of growing from cuttings.

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Junipers have become my favorites, because they grow well in our steppe region, tolerate winds, frosts and droughts. Besides they are beautiful, useful (they purify a larger volume of air than other trees), some varieties have edible berries, protect space from winds in both summer and winter. I can talk for hours and with much inspiration about my favorites. I sow seeds every autumn, and as soon as spring comes, I rush every morning to the nursery and look – who will sprout up through the earth today.

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My girlfriends and neighbors often come to me for seedlings of trees, bushes and flowers. And this year the girls convinced me that I must share my growing experience with people. I am happy to tell everyone, and I share my discoveries and successes.

Come visit! The girls and I prepared an interesting and useful event for you!

You will not only learn how to cut conifers and ornamental shrubs. You will also learn about the peculiarities of growing plants in our climate, which trees and shrubs are best for planting in a living fence and a lot of other very valuable information. You will as well have a great time in nature away from the city, with an evening bonfire, drink tea from local medicinal herbs, meet interesting people, and go on excursions around “Rostock”, our Settlement of Kin Domains.

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Natalya Zaryanova
“Rostock”, the Settlement of Kin Domains

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