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This time we introduce you to the very kind and hospitable Mednikov family.
Alexey and Tatiana are old-timers and pioneers of the settlement. They radiate the energy of inspiration, Love and creativity.

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The Mednikovs – Alexey (Lyosha) and Tatiana (Tanya)

Question: What did you start planning the space with?

Alexey: Our planning started with playing on the train. We were returning from Gelendzhik, and came up with the idea to spend time in an interesting and useful way. We took out pencils and a sketchbook, and began to draw in turns some details (objects) of our kin domain. At that time we already found our land and had just begun exploring it.

Tanya: First, Alexey marked the borders of the plot of land. The next move was mine, and I drew a pond. Lyosha added a house, I added a flower garden. It was a very inspiring game. As the result we got a beautiful picture.

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2007 This is how our kin domain turned out as we played on the train.

Alexey: There were funny moments when Tanya in her turn drew horses on the meadow, and I planned to have bees there. Such a small thing on paper, but in real life you understand that it is important to take into account the wishes of another and seek advice, come to a common vision.

Alexey: I also want to mention an important thing in kin domain planning. There are three main factors to consider. Remember how Anastasia said "From a thought a Dream was born, it is partially visible in a matter." (Book of Vladimir Megre "Co-creation")

The first factor. Thought-Dream. In the books by V. Megre, Radomir and Lyubomila had all the knowledge come out after flying over the kin domain with an eagle. They absorbed a large amount of information, which they later used while creating their Kin Domain.

Now we can use memories. While there is no land yet, one can start collecting pieces - pleasant memories of those places where they felt good. And they, like puzzles, will begin to create a picture of what you would like to have on the kin domain. For example, memories of grandmother's garden, your parents’ summer home - use what you liked there.

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April 25, 2010 Birthday of the Kin Domain

Tanya: I, for example, wanted to plant hops to decorate the outdoor toilet. Which I did. And only after many years I realized that my grandmother in Ukraine had the outdoor toilet covered in hops.

Опыт планирования в РП Медниковых (7).jpg
The green living fence on the northeast side. Behind the goat-leaf in blossom, you can see the outdoor toilet, twined with hops

Alexey: The second factor. To plan in the state of Love. A Kin Domain is a space of Love!

The third factor. When the couple meet and the place is determined, they create a project of the Kin Domain in detail. Ideally, it should be completely ready in their thoughts and on paper.
To do this, you need to get to know and to study your land.

Tanya: We lived in a village for several years. And we constantly went to the field, to the plot of land that we chose for the Kin Domain. We watched it. Alexey came there during the days of winter solstice and noted where the sun was on the land at this time, in order to consider it while deciding where it is better to build a house, so that there is enough sun in the house in winter. He studied the direction of the wind, looked for water veins.

Question: What would you advise other people to start with?

Alexey: To get acquainted with the books of Megre.

Tanya: To visit as many beautiful places as possible, to absorb it!

Alexey: We started planning with zoning. A kin domain is a living House. And we identified the necessary objects for the life inside our living home.
The living green fence is the walls of the house.
The guest area is the house where we stay, spend the night, meet guests and relatives.
The kitchen-dining room is a place for a garden and a vegetable garden.
The bathroom is our outdoor bathhouse and the relaxation area by the pond.
Rooms for family members - each one has their own corner.
There is also a place for animals (goats, chickens), where they spend the night and walk.

Detailing begins with frequently visited places and, first of all, with the main entrance. It is important to decide where the entrance to the kin domain will be.

While planning it is necessary to take into account an important principle - EVERYTHING SHOULD BE INTERCONNECTED.

And one more thing - food should be available in any part of the kin domain. Therefore, in addition to the main garden and vegetable garden, we planned to plant berry bushes and nut trees in all the different corners. For example, I am in my room, thinking, and suddenly I want to eat - I pick an apple, and there is no need to be distracted and go to the house area or to the kitchen. And, most importantly, the fruit is always fresh, which means the most useful for health.

Tanya: If possible, we advise you to detail your future kin domain in thoughts and on paper. Landscape gardening courses help a lot to start seeing the details. We knew just a few plants, but we wanted the kin domain to be beautiful and to have many useful and tasty things. Attending the courses, you begin to understand more.

Aleksey: And when you already get the picture, when you find a place that matches your image, it is important to declare your intention to live on this land to your family and friends. You can make a celebration or put your life aspirations on beautiful paper and mail it to your relatives.

Declaration is a plan of Life, it reflects the way of future life, life principles, and internal laws of the Kin Domain. And then the kin will help, because you are creating the Kin Domain. You gather the whole kin here and the relatives should know about it.

Question: What information sources helped to create the kin domain project? Examples of other people (what people?), articles, videos, books (what books?).

Alexey: the sources of inspiration were: books by V. N. Megre, newspapers: "Rodovaya Zemlya", “Byt Dobru", almanacs "Ringing Cedars of Russia", books: O. Safronov "Kin Domain. A Step Towards the Dream", A. Sapronov "Let's create with love, or, How to organize a Kin Domain”.

Tatiana: And nature itself is like a book. We visited Botanical Garden, went to see friends who already have a Kin Domain. Our parents’ summer residence always inspired and continues to inspire us. The Internet helps in some matters.

Alexey: But the best source is the experience in your own kin domain, observing the land, already living here. One needs to understand the Earth and strive to understand their own Soul – it contains all the information.

Question: What planning methods have you tried? Which one was the most effective?

Alexey: In the books by Vladimir Megre of the "Ringing Cedars of Russia" series, you can find a clear principle: Thought -> Plan -> Action.
Inspired by the idea of creating a kin domain, we proceeded to action, skipping the step of making a detailed plan. But that step is very important. It is important to draw on paper each and every square meter of the kin domain.

We zoned our plot of land on a big sheet of paper, transferred the main large objects to graph paper – the living green fence, the place for the pond, the bathhouse, the house, the vegetable garden, the forest space and fruit garden.

We started with detailing the green living fence first. It was also the first to be implemented in reality.

Опыт планирования в РП Медниковых (3).jpg
The green living fence along the northwest side 

Опыт планирования в РП Медниковых (4).jpg
In the foreground is a linden tree that was planted by Lena Borko-Bruyaka in 2010 into a living fence along the northeast side. In 2019, this linden tree blossomed for the first time, and we collected a fragrant linden blossom from it.

Then there was a vegetable garden, since it was important to provide ourselves with food.

Опыт планирования в РП Медниковых (1).jpg
On the path to the vegetable garden

In the planning of the vegetable garden the Meatlider methods were used - narrow beds and wide aisles. We use crop rotation method by Ovsinsky, we like and use the Fokin method, we take into account the experience of local residents and, first of all, the talented gardener V. Yuzhakov.

Tatiana: The detailing of the rest of the objects continues. We mainly draw. There is also a Kin Domain construction kit, but we have not tried it yet. Recently we learned about the Realtime Landscaping software, we plan to use it in the future.

Question: How did you come to a mutual understanding? To one vision? How did you resolve controversial issues?

Alexey: We did not really have controversial issues. The leading thought was mine. If Tanya wants something, I ask her: "How will this interact with other plants? If it fits into the concept of the Kin Domain then sure try it!"

Tatiana: We make a compromise. At first, when I started to argue, Lyosha would simply agree and say: "Life will show". And over time I realized that I should listen to my husband and trust him.

If one of us has an idea, we share it, and if there is inspiration, we discuss it, draw it, see how it will be on site.

Sometimes, in order to plant a plant, I imagine that I am that plant, for example, a walnut tree. I’d imagine how it would feel on that place. Then I show this place to Alyosha, he can ask a couple of questions. If there are answer to them, then we plant it together. If there are no answers yet, we continue thinking it over.

Alexey: I learned with Tanya. If I have an idea, I need to show an image, a picture, by drawing it. This is the best way to deliver information without distortion.

Question: How long did it take to create the project?

Tatiana: We have not finished it yet.

Alexey: When we transfer to the drawing everything that we already have and what we intend to have, that will indicate that we are already in the final stage of planning.

Question: Did the project change during the implementation process? If so, then what were the reasons?

Alexey: It sure did!

Tatiana: The zoning does not change, only the details get changed or specified. This happens because we get the knowledge that we did not have before. And real life experience puts everything in its place.

Question: Have you ever got tired or there was no inspiration?

Alexey: Yes. It happened, of course.

Tatiana: I often missed the thought of my husband, the Creator. I was sad that his thoughts were with public affairs.

Alexey: When there is no inspiration, you need to understand what the reason is and remove it. If there are problems, they must be solved, and then the forces will come.

I would like to give advice to young families. Do not rush immediately into public activities, wasting energy. First of all get busy with the kin domain: planning, wedding, conception.

Only in a state of love and inspiration one can quickly and efficiently plan a plot of land for the Kin Domain!

Tanya: It is also important to understand that a Kin Domain is interconnected with other spaces, with neighbors. And you need to take their wishes into consideration during planning. It mainly concerns the living fence and areas for domestic animals.

You should also take into account wishes of your loved ones who come to visit, so that they feel good here too.

Planning, detailing of a Kin Domain is a very exciting experience. After all, you draw today with your thought what will be in the future. It is also important to imagine how you, your children, your descendants will live happily and in joy. To imagine such a kin domain, which will be a good memory of you for everyone living in it.

The Mednikov family was interviewed by Andrey Borko-Bruyaka and Elena Borko-Bruyaka

The Settlement of Kin Domains Kalinovets
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