Cedar Grove in the name of Peace and Friendship on the Malakoff-Kurgan ridge in Crimea 24.07.2020 21:09:34

Let us invite you to an online excursion to a young cedar grove around the Malakhov-Kurgan ridge in Sevastopol. It appeared almost two years ago, when German peace activists, members of the German public organization Druschba Global, together with Crimeans, planted a cedar grove there in the name of peace and friendship between Russia and Germany. Interestingly enough, the young cedar grove was laid in the Friendship of Nations Park.

Кедровая роща на Малаховом кургане в Крыму (1).jpg

Кедровая роща на Малаховом кургане в Крыму (2).jpg

Кедровая роща на Малаховом кургане в Крыму (3).jpg

Malakhov-Kurgan ridge is a tactically important height of Sevastopol, glorified by the heroic defense of the Russian troops during the Crimean War in 1854-1855, and by the Soviet troops during the Great Patriotic War in 1942. Currently, it is part of the city and is one of the places most visited by tourists in Sevastopol.

"Cedars are long-living trees, beautiful and majestic. We want our dream of peace and friendship to grow through centuries in this memorable place, and we want our descendants to live in peace, love and joy. We thank the Administration of the Hero City of Sevastopol, which offered such a wonderful place in the park on the Malakhov-Kurgan ridge and will provide further care for the cedar grove, "said one of the organizers, Konstantin Ermish, at the cedar grove laying ceremony.

Tree saplings of Siberian and Lebanese cedars were provided by a non-profit organization named KEDROVAYA TROPA (Cedar Path). Thanks to the cooperation with them new cedar groves already appeared in Moscow on the shore of the Serebryano-vinogradny pond, and in Germany in Uberlingen on the shore of Lake Constance. Twenty cedars: five Siberian ones and fifteen Lebanese ones were planted together by Germans and Russians, adults and children. “Despite the fact that there was not much time for planting, it went in a very friendly and warm atmosphere”, - Konstantin recalls.

Кедровая роща на Малаховом кургане в Крыму (6).jpg

The saplings of Siberian cedars were handed over to the participants of the German delegation by the activists of ANO KEDROVAYA TROPA in Moscow. And the saplings of Lebanese cedars were brought from Simferopol by the green volunteer Christina Taranets, who got them from Alexander Vasilyevich Makarov. Alexander got in touch with KEDROVAYA TROPA through their page in VK (Russian social network), and kindly offered them to come and pick up the “young children” of the huge and majestic Lebanese cedars in Nauchny town near Simferopol.

Кедровая роща на Малаховом кургане в Крыму (5).jpg

Thanks to good care and watering, the cedars on the Malakhov-Kurgan ridge feel very good. Our Crimean friends come to visit them from time to time.

Кедровая роща на Малаховом кургане в Крыму (7).jpg
The area where the cedars are planted is fenced and has automatic irrigation 

Кедровая роща на Малаховом кургане в Крыму (8).jpg
Little Lebanese cedar, one and a half years after planting

Кедровая роща на Малаховом кургане в Крыму (4).jpg
Little Siberian cedar, one and a half years after planting

We really hope that after withdrawing of restrictions, German tourists will again be able to come to Crimea to visit their Russian friends and the young cedars. And Russians vacationing in Crimea will also be able to visit the little cedars. We believe that the cedar grove planted by Russians and Germans with thoughts of peace and friendship in the place where the war left its heavy mark will be a symbol of a new era, the era of cooperation and uniting of nations in the name of peace on Earth.


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