KDS Radosvet. How to speed up moving to a Kin Domain? 29.07.2020 12:34:52

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There are many families that have already made the decision, set their hearts, but the moving is still not happening.
What to do?

Think about it, look inside of your heart, and find if there are still any fears. Sometimes, we can be ready in mind, but our subconscious cries ‘Noooo!’
It means, there are some blocks, fears, settings, that don’t let you move forward.

How to deal with them?

1. Notice their existence. That’s the main thing. Admit it. When we are honest to ourselves, development begins.
2. When we observe our fears intentionally, they move from subconscious to the conscious level so that they diminish.
Everything is not so scary when alight.
Half of the job is done.
3. Speaking out your worries to someone helps a lot. The someone can be a husband for women, an older mentor for men, a friend etc.
There are some specialists who you can address to discuss the topic and gain a new perspective of the case and inspiration.

If it’s difficult to talk to someone of it you can commit all of your worries to paper. Usually, many insights and decisions come to mind at the process.

If you have worked on you inner world, your intention is fine, but things haven’t got forward an inch, there is a wonderful remedy – changing place.

Moving to your own Kin Domain is moving to the space of high vibrations.
Therefore, to enter the new space easier you should improve your old one. Renovate it.
Look back and see, how could you improve the place you are currently living?
Maybe you can change the wallpapers or buy a new mat for your bathroom?
If everything inside is fine, can you transform the space outside?
Catch the main idea! If you are trying to escape from bad to good, it will be very slowly with a lot of stops, and unlikely to happen.

If you feel good where you are now, if you are cheerful, you take care of the environment and grateful for it, but want to have more, the moving will happen easily, harmoniously and the best way.

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IS the topic interesting for you? Are there these people, who want to move but it’s not happening? We are with you! All our residents have already passed it.

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