There is a new project in Kovcheg Settlement – School garden 31.07.2020 20:17:28

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The project is organized by Natalia Sh., the owner of the most, probably, solid household in Kovcheg.
That is what she writes.

Natalia Sh. The idea came to me when I was listening a school general meeting concerning school lunch.

There was a garden adjoining my school in Medyn. Students and teachers used to work there.
We had one ‘Craft’ day a week in middle and high school.
In summer season, we the craft lesson at the garden. All the greens and vegetables were grown there.

The summer practical training was must to attend for 2-4 weeks. Students chose the place for the practical training: the garden, a forest nursery, school renovation or Medyn’s enterprises. They chose time for attending it as well.

Therefore, all the summer the garden was in hand. The crop was taken when ripen, and the school cooks made winter preservations for the school canteen. Some of the vegetables were kept to use fresh.

In autumn, studies started in October, because kolkhoz (communal farm) needed help in harvesting from students and factories. Therefore, the working practice on land took a lot of time, it was way of living.

With the Soviet Union collapsed it collapsed as well. However, it was good. Therefore, the idea to create a school garden in Kovcheg appeared: children would get the practice knowledge, school – high quality food, land – attention and prosperity.

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Too much of information, ie more than one can apply, also rot and poison one’s body, as too much of food in a stomach. Work on land helps to put all the information in order: Land will take excess away and bring necessary. One touching the land with fingers as roots exchanges energy and information with it, feels the world better and becomes its part.

I want my children to be able to stay here in Kovcheg, find a job and use on the land, and supply themselves with food and good environment.
Our plans for the year:
1. Provide the school canteen with fresh and preserved food (as much as we can)
2. Take part at the agricultural exhibition
3. Learn how to grow and preserve vegetables
4. Learn different agricultural strategies and practices (a few)
5. Results of the year
6. Plan the next year

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Family school of the Kovcheg Settlement

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