They call their houses with some land as "Kin Domains" 07.08.2020 16:15:26

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They lay emphasis on Elezkiy, Stanovlyanovskiy and Zadonskiy districts. The Kin Domains are of interest, as well as gardens, fishfarms and apiaries.  
To rest in the village houses, make hay, taste homemade pies far away from the city is a trend of the modern domestic tourism.

Nettle is waist-high, however it doesn’t scare Ludmila. Vladimir and Ludmila came to Zadonian backcountry from Polyarniy to treat soul and body 5 years ago.

Instead of moss and lichen there are Ivan chai and hypericum. Instead of standard housing there are tailored houses from wood and hay. Building the wonder house costs nothing to Vladimir. After 30 years experience of repairing atomic submarines to build the eco house with wood stove is a piece of cake. Tourists from Murom made roots into Zadonskiy black soil and began living in their own Kin Domain. Well water. Eggs from their hen. Natural clothes.

Свои дома с землёй они называют родовыми поместьями (1).jpg

There are about 20 of the like-minded people, who live in nature, run houses, wake up with the dawn, and go to sleep with the sunset. They call their houses with some land as ‘Kin Domains’. There are those who wish to gain familiarity with modern landlord life.

Rzhavec is famous as a rural tourism heaven even beyond Russia. There were some Swiss delegations coming to learn what the simple rural life means. Yuriy Kosyakov is happy to host tourists. He has not hosted foreign tourists yet, just Russian. Modern tourists require silence and unity with nature. The rural hotelier does not accept new tourists until the end of the summer, it is fully booked. You are welcome from the September, you can come to make hay, to fish, woodcut. Privacy is guaranteed.

If a tourists get tired of the ringing silence of the rural tourism, there a buzzing kind of rest – in the apiary house. Here you can sleep on the beehives. No one will get bit, the lady of the ‘apihouse’ can say for sure. The bees don’t bite.

Свои дома с землёй они называют родовыми поместьями (2).jpg

Local old-timers, who live not in such mansions, but usual small village houses, ensure that Rzhavec has become favourite place for Moscovites, Petersburgers and their Voronezh neighbors. Although, they prefer economy class tourism. While the Tourism Department is planning to support regions with grants for camping and glamping development to recover the tourist flow after the pandemic, Rzhavec people take up rural tourism in their own way, almost without any money. 

Lipetskoye vremya TV company broadcast

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