Crop of the ANDiKA Setllement 10.08.2020 15:33:50

A pond-swimming pool with banana palm view, not worse than in Sochi.

Урожай в поместье АНДРиКА (2).jpg

There are plenty of tomatoes this year. There is enough to make juice and dry. I dried them in two ways:
1. Blended itand dryied it as fruit paste.
2. Made crisp bread with grated zucchini, soaked flax seeds and some salt.

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There are also many bell papers this year.  I have already frozen a box of the them cut.

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Eggplants are starting to grow actively. Abundance of cucumbers has just started, late this year. And, surprisingly, there are not so many zucchinis.

We got onion in. Actually, it’s not bad, however the part of it has been eaten. It was a surprise for me. Asparagus bean is growing actively.

Урожай в поместье АНДРиКА (7).jpg

He cooked artichoke and realised that it’s just for foodies. Just the thicker part at the lower part of the petals turned to be edible.

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Katerinka Rudnaya

Our family have been living in the Skazochniy Kray Settlement, ANDRiKA (Andrey, Katya, Alora, Anita) since May 2015.

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