Tatiana Madison. Independence Day and a Kin Domain – new meanings 12.08.2020 16:45:49

Independence Day will be soon in Ukraine. 160 countries also celebrate their Independence on different days. Any country consists of its citizen’s families who live inside the country’s borders. Just if the families are independent, the country can be called so. It will not depend on neither epidemic nor social, political problems and threats.

What do families of all the continents depend on? On currency rate, salary, healthcare, education system, electricity and something else.

An average family from the average city owes everything, attached to everything. It depends on water supply, electricity, shops and markets, managing housing company, and it is just minimum for all the family members to be able to live in the city conditions.

What can give real independence to a person, a family? LAND! Your own lot of land, not less than 1-hectare size. On such a land, a family can plant and grow its own fine orchard, a little forest, a garden that will stop the dependence from the shop food, and will fulfill the family members with HIGH QUALITY berries, fruit, vegetables, nuts, mushrooms, herbs and roots. It will be possible to make a well or bring up the spring with fresh tasty water from the ground. TO make a pond, that makes annual sea trips less attractive.

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If one has well developed thinking, It’s not difficult to make up and set your own business, living on land. Moreover, many innate gifts arise. Under the conditions, a family is not afraid of pandemics, epidemics that usually hit the most crowded places, and where people have to suffer your private freedom restrictions. On your own land, you are your own master in all the meanings.

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Imagine, how strong and independent a state can become, if people stop criticizing government, authorities, neighbors for some problems. And start self-organizing and dealing with the problems together with the authorities, aiming light, good and goals and ideas. The idea that is able to unite and recover a country can be a common to the whole nation idea of people how returns to land, their roots and real independence.

Let us learn the topic from the new (a bit forgotten) point of view. Let our country become one of the kind, really independent country with tight, independent from nothing and no one.  Let us celebrate the national holiday on 24 August with new fresh thoughts and intentions.

Right now 33 Kin Domain Settlements have been built and they are developing! Almost every of them is growing and welcoming new neighbors, active families that are ready to take responsibility for their own happy and healthy future.

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17 years of the settlement celebration  

Татьяна Мадисон. День независимости и родовое поместье (7).jpg
Every family brought some treats and gifts

The Dolina Jarel settlement where my family live is organizing Doors Open Day and invite everyone who wished to come, friends, like-minded people to the holy day for inspiration and experience exchange. I would be glad if the idea of such celebration of the Independence Day will be accepted by like-minded people, and such a Doors Open Day of the growing Settlements  will become a national feature and pride of Ukraine.

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Kiev school in the KDS Dolina Jarel. It is a nature lesson. Children were learning soil composition, flora and fauna, features of village life. 

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Татьяна Мадисон. День независимости и родовое поместье (5).jpg
Pots with cedars in the nursery 

P.S. With all my heart, I want to express my gratefulness to my beloved children, who made the video of their native Kin Domain.

Frankly speaking, tearing streamed down when they showed their work. Feel, how much love and pride for their motherland and parents, neighbors are in the shots. Let every child of the Earth get such a small motherland! Everything will be great!

Pictures: Inna Shevchenko, Tatiana Madison

Tatiana Madison
KDS Dolina Jarel, Ukrain

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